R13’s Fall/Winter 2021 Collection Is an Ode To Grunge

The new collection is a youthful throwback to an era dominated by MTV and Kurt Cobain.

Quarantine has led many people to seek more comfortable outfits, both literally and figuratively: loose clothes became the prime choice for staying at home, while nostalgic styles provided some sense of escapism and longing for happier times. R13’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection channels those two sides of comfort through “COVID GRUNGE,” Chris Leba’s take on the iconic movement of the 1990s.

“Attitude” is by now a very familiar word for Leba, who in past years has shown designs such as punk rock graphic tees, loopy jeans, and bulky shoes – making the development of a grunge collection seem like a natural next step. 

Photo via R13/Tiago Chediak.

The presentation video was shot on the streets of Soho at night, giving it a dream-like after-club-stroll-with-the-friends-at-3-am vibe to the sound of The Jesus And Mary Chain’s 1985 hit “Just Like Honey.” The VHS and low-frame rate effects also help establish an old-school atmosphere, while the short film reminds us about how it felt good to just be able to hang out with our pals. 

Photo via R13/Tiago Chediak.

In addition to the mostly oversized and loose fits, the collection features colorful animal print on pants, sweaters, jackets, and faux-fur coats, along with distressed acid-wash denim, floral patterns, and, of course, lots of flannel and plaid fabric, presented on designs that go from coats to pants to long skirts.

Photo via R13/Tiago Chediak.

Puffer jackets and graphic shirts also have a big moment, with prints that play with the traditional “New York City” souvenir logo and Sonic Youth sweaters. Accessories include bright-colored knit beanies, embroidered caps, and a reimagining of Kurt Cobain’s iconic white oval sunglasses.

Photo via R13/Tiago Chediak.


Another highlight is the platform sneakers, which mix checkered shoelaces and are scribbled and doodled all over with motifs that include Nirvana’s x-eyed smiley face, a “f*ck” wide tape, and “Free Britney.”

The full lookbook is available on R13’s website. Watch the presentation video below:

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