Radical Minimalism Tailors Elegance for Jil Sander Fall/Winter 22

The Meier duo balances opposites in a collection constructed by its desire to continue at the helm of confident innovation.

The strength of Jil Sander is the dedication that is placed into remaining true to modernity. Creative directors Lucie and Luke Meier have shown their commitment to tailoring the exploration of the modern woman and tailoring. For Fall/Winter 2022, Jil Sander continues to know their target demographic well, appealing to a woman that strives to be chic while still embedded in sophistication. Capes and wool give way to a collection of 59 looks that executes such dedication. It is a recipe best served by the Meier’s; Sculpted skirts matched with black, gold steel-toe Chelsea boots that peek out under the hem of the jacket just enough. Satin dresses, zodiac printed taffeta, ruffled hems, relaxed trousers, and a structural balance of feminine and masculine. The standout of this collection was how texture and shape were utilized in etching the feminine. Fluid, yet sometimes cinched, there’s an air of grace that surrounds every silhouette.


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