Raf Simons Reissuing 100 Pieces

Raf Simons is reissuing 100 pieces from the brand’s 25 year history.

Raf Simons is digging into their archives and reissuing 100 pieces of clothing from different moments throughout the brand’s livelihood. 

The Archive Redux collection will include pieces from the brand’s 25 year history. Designer Raf Simmons’ intent in reissuing the pieces is to “reexamine” and “recontextualize” the past in the present.

“The past always composes the present: this approach reflects the identity of Raf Simmons, a history informing the future,” the brand said in a statement.

Raf Simmons indicated that the pieces will not be released in any particular order or hierarchy, but certain clothing will be highlighted that has relevance to significant moments in the present.

The brand’s announcement comes as it reaches a 25 year anniversary. Archive Redux imagery will be released this month, but deliveries won’t be available until December.

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