Raf Simons Launches His First Spring/Summer 2021 Womenswear

To be presented along with his latest menswear offerings.

After his dazzling debut for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2021 womenswear collection, Raf Simons is introducing another venture he’s been pursuing at his own brand. The Belgian label’s next Spring/Summer 2021 collection is set to introduce in-house womenswear alongside the usual menswear offerings for the very first time in its history.

It is worth noting that Simons has previously worked on numerous womenswear collections, including Jil Sander, Dior and Calvin Klein. Up until now, his womenswear designs, albeit critically acclaimed, have been largely reserved to his work for other brands (though one might argue that the oversized knits and outerwear are essentially genderless.)

What should we expect from Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2021 Womenswear? Youthful inspiration and some space-age influence are in the cards, as well as the possible appearance of the punk or bookish tropes Simons likes to play with in his work. In contrast to his Prada range, it is expected to be a little less tempered and more reflective of Simons’ core design ethos.

Check out “Teenage Dreams” below:

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