Rainsford Releases New Video for ‘Crying In The Mirror’

The indie-pop singer-songwriter talked to V about her new music video, directed by Cara Delevingne and staring Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin.

Rainsford, the indie-pop singer-songwriter hailing from Los Angeles, first came on to the scene with her 2018 debut EP Emotional Support Animal. Since then, Rainsford’s fluidity within the indie, pop, R&B, and soul genres have garnered her thousands, and often millions, of streams on her singles, releasing two this year titled “2 Cents” and “Crying In The Mirror”. Out on Friday, May 22 is the music video to “Crying In The Mirror”, where Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin are directed by Cara Delevingne for a visually stunning accompaniment to the track.

I wrote the song after a breakup, when I was emotionally crushed and was basically begging my ex to give us another shot,” Rainsford said. “This is the first video I’ve made that is basically a reflection of what really happened in my life, and that plays out in the lyrics to the song. I wanted it to be like a 90’s soap-opera version of my reality.”

Bringing the track’s lyrics to life was due in part to the singer-songwriter’s good friend Cara Delevingne, someone who Rainsford artistically trusted as director of the video. “I had an idea for this music video, and when I told Cara about it, she was just as excited as I was and wanted to be involved,” said the pop-artist.

“I had the idea for the video and wrote the shot list. Once that was done, Cara and I flushed it all out together. We shot the video in my house and in my clothes. My sister bought us snacks. A few days after we finished shooting, Cara and I edited it together,” she said.

Rainsford stars alongside Kaia Gerber and Gregg Sulkin in the music video, where Rainsford sings the lyrics to “Crying In The Mirror” as Gerber does just that between fighting with Sulkin. “I love that it maintains a sense of humor, while still being shot so beautifully while telling the story,” Rainsford said of the video. “I couldn’t be happier with Kaia and Gregg’s performances, and Cara is a brilliant director.”

When asked about her plans for the rest of 2020, Rainsford said, “I have a lot more music ready to be released, and I have been working on putting together a mix tape of a bunch of unreleased demo’s. Plus I’m working on shooting some more DIY visuals.”

The singer-songwriter has already emerged in the indie-pop music scene, as told by her feature on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and collaborations like those of “Crying In The Mirror”. But with more work being anticipated, Rainsford is worth staying tuned in to.

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