Ralph Lauren takes the immersive shopping experience to the next level with their newest venture in joining forces with Fortnite to launch their first digital branded world titled, ‘Race to Greatness by Polo Ralph Lauren’. Along with this new launch, the brand will also drop a one-of-a-kind ‘phygital’ Polo P-Wing Boot merging both the physical and digital realms as players will be able to purchase and wear themselves on the game and in real life. 

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

The digital landscape is reminiscent and celebratory of Polo, the brand’s namesaked concept; showcased in the island’s high-quality rendering and design. Exclusively designed utilizing creative mode, the unique island cleverly takes the shape of the signature Polo Pony and is adorned with three areas themed as “Ralph’s Airplane Hangar”, the Rocky Mountains, and Grand Forests. Undoubtedly, the world takes great inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s world with designs and architectural renderings revolving around previous collections, runway shows, RL Home, and Ralph Lauren’s own garage and homes. 

The ‘Phygital’ boot will be available in the game as a limited-edition and limited-time collectible, while also taking physical form brandishing an appearance that implements influence from the Polo Stadium Collection digital outfit with eye-catching “fins” on the midsole like the in-game jet pack glider; available exclusively on the Ralph Lauren website.

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