Synonymous with the American Spirit is Ralph Lauren. It’s sharp, dependable, and even a little aspirational. It inserts bold charisma into just about everything it does. Some may even argue it’s more of a lifestyle than a brand. Following this philosophy, the namesake brand hits 3-0-5 on its motherboard, taking its world of clean-cut charisma down south to the sizzling coast of Miami.

A celebration is in order as it opens a new luxury concept in Miami’s Design District. That’s why Ralph Lauren’s put together a chic cocktail party at a private waterfront estate to deliver its “coastal living” ethos to the palm-lined shores of the sun-soaked city.

Much like the sunlight sparkling off the surface of the estate’s expansive pool, Ralph Lauren’s star-studded guest list radiated as they made their way into the event. With Melissa Barrera, Anna Van Patten, Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge, and Noah Beck arriving, the event screamed American luxury through the seams of the Ralph Lauren garments swathing their bodies.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Dewy skin, beachy waves, and linen multiplied amongst attendees while the “RL” monogram closures of their top-handle bags bumped into one another while posing for photos. Shimmering maxi dresses swayed in the tropical breeze. It was all very evocative of country-club couture, restrained yet smart for the not-so-agreeable humidity of Miami’s perpetual summer.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

While Ralph Lauren’s branding touched just about everything (peep the “RL” embroidered pillows on the patio’s wicker lounge chairs), it all remained very subdued, giving the nod to the recent craze for quiet luxury.

But let’s get back to the reason for this whole gathering: the new Design District store.

When you hear “retail concept,” it’s easy to get images of the department stores of yesteryear flooding your senses with their stuffy atmospheres and suffocating perfume samples. However, this isn’t just any Ralph Lauren store. Offering a sublime selection of Men’s Purple Label and Women’s Collection apparel, its latest location cranks things up a notch or two.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

An expansive selection of handbags and accessories enter the scene seductively. While that may sound like any luxury retailer, here’s the catch. This assortment of products includes releases exclusive to the Design District location. Yes, you heard right; you can only score them here.

What about the interior?

Sleek and ultra-chic, Ralph Lauren’s Design District location offers 4,135 sq ft of its new space decked out in modern design to explore its latest threads. Flooded with soft light, the store balances lustrous wood with contemporary glass and stainless-steel accents—all very telling of the district it’s housed in.

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Intersecting tech with contemporary art and an insatiable appetite for grammable fashions, Miami’s Design District is all about the future. It’s only fitting Ralph Lauren melds its heritage with progress by accepting cryptocurrencies—such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Polygon (MATIC)—as a payment method. Collaborating with Poolsuite, Ralph Lauren takes fashion to the digital sphere. Poolsuite, a Web3 community, engages in its first brand collaboration. And what says “celebration” like an exclusive NFT nowadays?

That’s why all existing PoolSuite community members that’ll unlock special access to attend a special event. For the holders of PoolSuite’s Grand Leisure collection out there, you’ll have the opportunity to update your “Leisurist” Avatar with digital Ralph Lauren looks using the vintage-vehicle-inspired “RL-3000” website.

Now, don’t sweat it if you’re not quite there yet with the tech revolution. The Miami Design District also offers interactive in-store digital screens to access the full power of Ralph Lauren’s inventory, allowing customers to discover any item available in North America with the swipe of a finger. That’s not all. You can also book interactive styling appointments and integrate wish lists.

Undeniably, fashion is synthesizing with technology at light speed. Ralph Lauren gets it.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ralph Lauren continues to adapt to innovations in tech. Who knows, perhaps a spray-on cabled cashmere sweater or holographic caftan’s up next.

You can now scope out Ralph Lauren’s new store in Miami’s Design District:

Store Location:

170 NE 40th St

Miami, FL 33137

(786) 826-9199

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 11AM – 8PM ET

Sunday: 12PM – 6PM ET

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