Ralph Lauren Says Family Is Who You Love

Following Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary show, the designer continues his celebration of “The American Family”

Ralph Lauren’s latest campaign video, “Family is Who You Love”, was released today. As the title suggests, it’s a celebration of unconditional love.  “Family is like home. It feels like home wherever you are,” begins one member of the campaign. Played along to a heartfelt piano track, Family is Who You Love features snapshots of moments between siblings, parents, children, grandparents, grandchildren, and lovers. This moving collage of people is, as expected of Lauren, quintessentially American with its themes and props (yes, there’s a pickup truck).

This idea of the “American family”, which Lauren recently celebrated at the 50th-anniversary show, is explored in the perfect multifaceted way that this country is made up of. And maybe needs reminding of once in a while. Some of the models and families that walked the catwalk appear in this video that is diverse in the sense of what the image of a family should be. Same-sex couples, multigenerational and multicultural family members, chosen or by blood, chase each other up the shore, walk amongst a clouded New England looking farm, hug, kiss, jump on each other’s backs and ultimately, act like people who love one another do. “You have a responsibility when you’re in love with someone. You have to take care of them.”

While this had the potential to become another This Is Us episode, this one did still make us want to cry and reach out to tell the people close to us that we love them, this had better styling.


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