‘Rap Life Live’ From Howard University

Howard University, one of the most prestigious HBCUs in the world, hosted an Apple Music event discussing current issues facing the Black community.

Howard University opened their campus to Apple Music listeners last week, hosting a discussion with famous rappers and college students about issues facing the Black community in America.

The live streamed event, Rap Life Live, accompanied rap performances with discussions on social justice, police reform and racial equality. Ebro Darden, Apple Music’s global head of Hip-Hop and R&B, hosted the event to stand in solidarity with activists across the country.

“The Rap Life team’s main objective was to use our voice and tools to show support and solidarity with students, artists and activists around the nation rising up to make sure the world knows that Black Lives Matter,” Darden said. 

Lil Baby, Nas, Rapsody and Wale all performed and spoke at the event. The rap artists were chosen based on their dedication to use music to “entertain, inform, and heal” during social inequality.

“Our voice is our biggest weapon,” Rapsody said. “You have to speak up for what you want. You have to be the change. Speak to each other. Speak up, let people hear you.”

Students from Howard University also spoke at the live event including Rachel Howell, student association president. Other student speakers included Taylor Davis, Miss Howard University, and Peter Lubembela, president of the 10for10 organization.

While this was the inaugural Rap Life Live, Darden said he plans to bring the event across the country and continue discussions of the Black experience in America.

“We plan to bring Rap Life Live to more HBCU campuses because these institutions are part of the backbone of Black communities and Hip-Hop is from the Black experience.” 



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