Raveena Releases Hypnotizing New Single ‘Rush’

The upbeat track merges Bollywood influences with psychedelic imagery.


Known for honey-tinged vocals and layered Bollywood-influences, Raveena Aurora captured the attention of the music industry with her acclaimed debut album ‘Lucid.’ Now, the R&B singer is heading in an increasingly upbeat direction with the release of the playful single ‘Rush.’


Born out of an acid trip while visiting the Eastern sound installation at the Rubin Museum in New York City, ‘Rush’ marries Raveena’s delicate vocals with thumping, Indian-inspired production. “I wrote ‘Rush’ a couple years back and the song was the genesis of me exploring a more intense marriage between Bollywood sounds and the pop/R&B music that I grew up on in America,” the singer said in a statement.

Accompanying the newly released song, is a glorious music video that sees the singer take on the persona of Asha, a Punjabi space princess. “The song and video are centered around a character I created named Asha, a Punjabi space princess,” the singer explained. “[Asha] is transported to a distant planet and learns highly advanced spiritual intelligence from the beings that live there.” From reciting choreography surrounded by puddle-like figures to campy Bollywood-inspired imagery, the hypnotizing video is a must-watch.

Co-directed with Munachi Osegbu, the song’s one-of-a-kind imagery see the singer dancing in a technicolor space with iridescent figures, floating in crystal clear water and swaying in lush greenery while sporting traditional Indian-inspired clothing. “I wanted to create a campy ode to the colorful 80’s Bollywood movies and 70’s Western sci fi movies that I’m obsessed with, complete with a choreographed dance sequence alongside Asha’s alien friends,” the singer stated.

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