Ray-Ban Teams Up With Yungblud For a Visionary Capsule Collection

With bold twists on three iconic Ray-Ban silhouettes, “The Weird Collection” styled by Yungblud brings eyewear to the next level.

In a celebration of boldness, individuality and the delights that come with being daringly different, Ray-Ban is releasing a limited edition capsule collection styled by British pop-rebel rock musician Yungblud.

The Weird Collection styled by Yungblud. You’re ON” features three of Ray-Ban’s boldest eyewear silhouettes (State Street, Caribbean and Nomad) supercharged by Yungblud’s vision of the future, a future where people can be themselves regardless of what the world tells them to be, where they can express themselves through their accessories. It’s wonderfully weird—the Weird Collection.

Since his 2018 debut, Yungblud has created and fostered a community built on the platform of being different and being true to oneself. Misfits find a place of belonging in his music, and Ray-Ban salutes their authenticity and individuality with a new take on the three acetate styles, each dotted with Yungblud’s signature energizing spirit and proud personal style.

The State Street glasses are a squared take on Ray-Ban’s classic Wayfarer. Yungblud has styled the blue-and-orange acetate frames around Evolve Photochromic lenses, a bi-layer reinterpretation of a beloved Ray-Ban style. It celebrates taking something known and familiar and making it new, adding your personal twist and dash of personality so it truly represents you.

The Nomad style is a distinctive recollection of the ‘70s—rock and roll, film and neon. Yungblud added neon pink streaks to the acetate frames, and the pink Evolve photochromic lenses make the glasses a monochromatic accessory to elevate and amplify, to create something contemporary out of something retro.

Finally, the authentic jet-style of the Caribbean glasses evokes the 1960s, the era when they were first released. With a subtle twist on the original Ray-Ban Wayfarer, the Caribbean glsases are set with green Evolve photochromic lenses and green dashes on squared black acetate frames. They are curious and visionary, a clear nod to the future—and whatever your identity may be in it.


All three styles in the collection range from $195-$205 USD and are available in limited quantities. Shop “The Weird Collection styled by Yungblud” on Ray-Ban.com or in Ray-Ban stores, and stream Yungblud’s forthcoming album weird! on December 4.

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