A desire to cover uncharted territory has always remained at the core of Ray-Ban’s essence and vision as a brand since its founding in 1937. But this summer, they’ve taken that mission a step further with the launch of the Reverse Collection, which features four unisex sunglass styles – Aviator, Wayfarer, Caravan, and Boyfriend – with a completely reversed lens. 

This incredible design is the product of advanced engineering – the lens shape is able to shift from the traditional convex shape to a concave shape while maintaining the necessary optical precision, made possible by the innovative astigmatic, prismatic, and resolving powers.

Courtesy of Ray-Ban

“Our Ray-Ban Reverse collection is a true revolution in the eyewear industry,” says EssilorLuxottica’s R&D Product Style Licensing Director, Federico Buffa. “The concave aesthetic is enabled by a new proprietary technology which applies big data analysis into the lens design. We always raise the bar by reinventing what eye care and eyewear can do for consumers.”

Leaning into the avant-garde is nothing new for Ray-Ban. But with these four iconic silhouettes, the trailblazing brand is embracing the intersection between timeless and contemporary in a way that complements every individual face shape. The collection fittingly stars Italian supermodel Vittoria Ceretti as the face of the campaign.

“As the most beloved eyewear brand we continue to leverage the power of our iconicity while bringing innovation and technology to our most classic styles,” says EssilorLuxottica’s Chief Marketing Officer Francesco Liut.

The Ray-Ban Reverse Aviator Sun

The Reverse Aviator utilizes what is perhaps known as Ray-Ban’s most iconic sunglass shape since the brand’s founding. But the Reverse collection puts a brand-new spin on the classic look with a chic silhouette. The Reverse Aviator is available in gold or silver with classic lenses as well as rose gold or black metal frames with either gradient or tinted mirror lenses.

The Ray-Ban Reverse Wayfarer Sun

The wayfarer shape is reminiscent of everything from 60s rock to 90s hip-hop. This shape is available in solid black with classic lenses as well as a wide range of colors, including muted tones like graphite, dark blue, and brown paired with colored mirror lenses in hues of red and green or orange and blue.

The Ray-Ban Reverse Caravan Sun

The caravan shape was introduced in 1957 as a spin on the classic aviator shape, but has since become so much more – and with the addition of the concave lens, the Reverse Caravan sun is almost futuristic. The style is available in gold or silver with classic lenses as well as silver, rose gold, anthracite, or black frames paired with gradient, tinted, or mirror lenses.

The Ray-Ban Reverse Boyfriend Sun

Lastly, the Reverse Boyfriend features a sleek-yet-relaxed “model-off-duty” shape. The style comes in classic black as well as a range of transparent colorways like deep blue, brown, dark gray, or even bi-color brown and blue, with a choice of tinted, mirror, or gradient lenses.

In addition to being both high quality and aesthetic, the collection is also environmentally conscious, using bio-based nylon lenses with a 41% bio-based carbon content, bio-based acetate frames with a 67% bio-based carbon content and 100% recycled packaging, card and cleansing cloth.

The Reverse Collection – starting at $182 – can be purchased at all Ray-Ban stores and online at ray-ban.com.

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