Re-connecting with Lauv While Social Distancing

Re-connecting with Lauv While Social Distancing

Re-connecting with Lauv While Social Distancing

Although apart, Lauv keeps us together through music.

Although apart, Lauv keeps us together through music.

Photography: Doug Inglish

A few months ago, we debuted Lauv in V124, where we spoke about his most recent album debut How I'm Feeling, and all of the feels in which are comprised of the pop artist. Just a few weeks ago he released a music video for "Modern Loneliness" while social distancing with fans from all over the world taking part in the video as Lauv they sang together through several apps. Ironically, we needed to feel connected like this, more than ever. Since V124, we reconnected with the 25-year-old on life in quarantine.

Lauv wears sweater Emporio Armani, pants Moncler, sneakers Vans, jewelry and glasses his own.

V MAGAZINE: Can you tell us about your creative process when producing music these days?

LAUV: Yeah, recently, it's been heavily like freestyle—just like [I] start an idea, make a beat, play some chords and turn the mic or voice memo on and just go and see what happens. Very stream of consciousness.

V: Is there a certain song or artist you've been listening to more, and/or "reconnected" with, over the course of self-quarantining measures?

L: Yeah, I've been listening to The Weeknd, [and] reconnected actually with a lot with like some emo and hardcore bands [that] I used to listen to growing up—bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Chiodos... I mean, I could go on and on. I've been listening to DaBaby...Who else? A bunch of other artists. Anything that's a vibe, I guess.

V: Have you been feeling inspired during this time? Have you been tailoring your music a certain way? How so?

L: I've been feeling super inspired. I think because I finally have the time to just be in one place, and have no option but to be in one place, I'm a little bit more relaxed. [I] can just make music, experiment, feel super free, and don't feel stressed out at all about it. So that part is something I really appreciate. I haven't really been tailoring my music a certain way—just letting whatever happens, happens. You know, natural inspiration and it's been turning out really amazing. I'm super stoked.

V: What role do you think music can play during a crisis such as this?

I mean, I think the same thing that music always does, you know, it can be an escape; but it's obviously more important right now. It can be a way to process things. It can be a way to just have some fun.


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