V Must See: Reading Between The Lines

V previews “Reading Between The Lines” a forthcoming art exhibition that will address the way we consume art.

Four artists hailing from different corners of the world come together to collectively explore how we as human-beings consume art. The exhibition plays off of the unspoken truth of how observing, connecting with, and comprehending art requires an aspect of ’reading between the lines.’ Curated and displayed by Aurimas Meilūnas and Krause Gallery, “Reading Between The Lines” will identify reactions to the messages and meanings imbued in the artwork; while also allowing each artist to pose a question, ultimately asking the consumer for the answer.  

“Reading Between The Lines” will premiere at Krause Gallery on August 24th. 

Learn more about the artists below!  

Isabel Alonso Vega: 

(Spain, 1969). Lives and works between Madrid and Berlin.

According to the medieval anonymous “the Cloud of unknowing” where the need to abandon ourselves in ignorance as a way of knowing is expressed. Isabel constructs her work with huge and silent clouds of smoke that only exist in our minds, and dissolve the moment they are touched. 

Tim Nikiforuk: 

(England, 1981). Lives and works in London, UK.

Tim Nikiforuk seeks to inhabit, and work within, the space between sculpture and painting. Best known for his richly textured, vividly colored applications of gel across substrates such as vinyl and plexiglass, Nikiforuk’s work harnesses the power of visual movement. His bold compositions invoke a sense of fluidity, infusing each mark with kinetic energy.  

A student of abstraction, Nikiforuk is influenced by painters such as Jason Martin and Willem de Kooning. 


Mark Ollinger: 

(Canada, 1988). Lives and works in Vancouver, Canada

Mark’s work aims to start a conversation about how we view the passing of time, and examines how we all uniquely understand it. His work is best summarized as an investigative approach to the visualization of a lifespan, using “maps” that consist of mazes intertwining and reconnecting in an unbroken loop. 


Tom Wilmott: 

(Canada, 1975). Lives and works in San Diego, CA.

Wilmott’s practice is rooted in an instinctive need to indulge in the act of painting and a materialist love for the medium and the objects resulting from its employment. His paintings can be considered products of necessity and desire – the act of painting fulfilling a fundamental creative need, and the completed work delighting in physicality. 

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