Reality show, The Moscatels’ Raging Popularity Rivals Keeping up with the Kardashians?

Reality show, The Moscatels’ Raging Popularity Rivals Keeping up with the Kardashians?


Reality show, The Moscatels’ Raging Popularity Rivals Keeping up with the Kardashians?

If you hadn't heard of them yet, you definitely wouldn't forget about them now. Kelsea and Cole Moscatel are the new 'it' couple – supermodels, entrepreneurs, and reality TV stars. The two, owners of luxury lifestyle and travel brand - Snob World, are stars in a new reality show that everyone is talking about.

The Moscatels – mom Kelsea, dad Cole, and son Zayden (together with Cole's father Harry Moscatel), are the subjects of the digital reality show that follows their glamorous and luxurious life as they run their Snob World business. The show, known as The Moscatels: A Family Full of Luxury, Love, and Drama, is already shaking up the reality show world. It streams on the Snob World website and their YouTube channel. 

The family will make you laugh and cry, inspire you, and leave you in awe of them and the luxury they breathe. If you thought the drama on Keeping Up with the Kardashians was a lot, you thought wrong! The drama in The Moscatels is out of this world. In a recent episode, the couple busted their nanny doing meth! Kelsea says she discovered black soot on the nanny's bed and a white substance on the bathroom floor. They had to get the police involved, who, upon testing the substances, said that it was meth. I mean, such drama, and that was only the third episode of the show! 

The show is all about a wealthy family living a luxurious lifestyle that still manages to be relatable. Apart from the extravagant personal lifestyle, it's worth seeing their over-the-top clients from Snob World. Snob Concierge, one of the businesses under the Snob World brand, is an elite concierge service, serving the world's one-percenters and celebrities. With their high-profile connections, they offer services to their elite clients that may not be accessible anywhere else. From luxurious travel to exclusive red-carpet events or even a piece of sought-after art, they go out of their way to provide select and exclusive experiences to their clients, who at times have insane requests. 

For instance, Snob Concierge recently pulled off an amazing feat by delivering two COVID-19 tests to Russia in 24 hours. The client, a rich Russian, requested for the tests from the United States to be delivered to Russia in a day. The couple immediately jumped into action, having only a few hours to secure the tests, get a jet and pilot, and have them in the air. They somehow managed to make it happen, and the kits were delivered to the client within the given timeframe. They've also had to provide tickets to Hollywood's Award season (with entrance to the best after-parties) and even look for a celebrity stylist to dress some of their clients for the occasion. 

With all this drama, in addition to other businesses under the Snob World brand, and regular parental and household duties to deal with, it is a wonder that the Moscatels have time for a camera crew to film for the show. They believe in giving 'your all' to achieve your dreams. According to Cole, challenges keep them going. The more they have, the more they are motivated to work harder. They believe that nothing comes easy; you have to be dedicated to your craft. All the hard work and zeal that goes into the Snob World brand and their personal lives are shown in their upbeat and high-energy reality show. 

With just five episodes aired so far, the Moscatels is making major headlines and getting new fans every day. To keep up with this family, catch them on YouTube and Snob World.


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