Red Bull Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month With Exclusive Content

With documentaries, radio shows, interviews, and more, Red Bull is bringing exclusive content amplifying Hispanic talent throughout the month.

This year, National Hispanic Heritage month is from September 15th-October 15th, and Red Bull is celebrating Hispanic artists in style. With content releases throughout the month, Red Bull is releasing exclusive documentaries, interviews, and competitions highlighting incredible artists and honoring their Hispanic roots.

Barcelonian singer-songwriter Rosalía broke into the global industry with a stunning performance in 2018 in Madrid, and this month, Red Bull music is releasing a documentary of the unforgettable night. The artist’s ethereal vocals, showstopping costume, and flamenco influences define her sound as a celebration of the past and present of Hispanic music and culture. Watch the documentary on how Rosalía prepared for the concert of the year here.

Red Bull Music is also putting out a documentary this month called How Reggaeton is Empowering Women, spotlighting rising artists such as DJ Riobamba and DJ Rosa Pistola to take a look at the dynamic between sexuality and female empowerment. The documentary also examines Ivy Queen, whose hit single “Quiero Bailar” gave rise to a feminist movement within the Reggaeton realm, and showcases how she and other female artists use their vocals to carve and reclaim space for themselves in music. The short documentary, available to watch here, celebrates how female Hispanic artists use their platforms to bring to attention feminist issues in the music industry.

The annual Batalla de los Gallos—a competition featuring some of the world’s best MCs fighting for the victory—put on by Red Bull will also highlight the talent and diversity amongst Hispanic artists. The high-stakes, high-energy event encapsulates the art of freestyle, an ever-evolving current kept alive by MCs. At the Gran Final of the 2020 exhibition, artists including Skone, Sara Socas, New Era, and BTA battled for the championship in a remotely streamed event which you can watch here.

Red Bull delved into advocacy in the music industry with their interview with Pistolera frontwoman Sandra Velazquez. The Mexican-American artist discusses how she uses her platform to responsibly bring attention to important issues, as she’s been passionate about social justice from a young age. Read the interview here.

Finally, Red Bull is bringing a new edition of Red Bull Radio Panamérika, in which we take a deep listen into Festival Nrmal, the music festival jewel of Mexico City. The radio episode explores a wide array of Hispanic artists, investigating how Nrmal celebrates the diversity of Hispanic heritage with global acts. Listen to it here.

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