Redemption Brings Rock n’ Roll to its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

The collection comes with a video that imagines what would Redemption girls look like when embarking on A Day at the Races.

Redemption brings a little more edge to fashion month with their newly unveiled Spring/Summer 2021 collection. The collection draws its inspiration from classic rock and roll iconography merged with hyper-feminine styles. 

Creative designer Bebe Moratti helms this collection and the brand’s increased efforts to go environment-friendly with their output. Sustainability is a key part of Redemption’s looks this season, with the use of recycled material on several of their outfits.

The silhouettes are largely elegant, with long dresses, skirts, and trains forming the majority of the collection. However, sharp lines, crisp blazers, and low hemlines sneak their way in to give the looks some distinction and more jagged shapes.

The looks draw several influences from earlier eras, particularly the 80s, with the shoulder pads and bright colors. Electric blue, shocking pink, and emerald green accentuate the otherwise black-and-white aesthetic of the lookbook. The collection doesn’t shy away from using animal print here and there, either.

Image courtesy of Redemption



This year’s collection was unveiled with a video titled “A Day at the Races,” directed and soundtracked by Moratti himself. Set amidst sprawling mansions with manicured lawns, the video imagines what would happen if four punks hit the races, an environment of uber-sophistication. That statement alone serves enough as a characterization of this year’s collection. 

You can check out Redemption’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection on their website. Watch the video unveiling this year’s collection below:

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