Reebok by Pyer Moss Drops New Sneaker And Ready-to-Wear Collection

The collab between the athletic brand and high-fashion label reimagines footwear and redefines the modern athleisure style.

Pyer Moss’ refined, storytelling aesthetic is getting an athletic twist with the new Reebok by Pyer Moss ready-to-wear Collection 3 and Experiment 4 “Fresco” sneaker.

Dropping worldwide on October 17, the iconic collab between the high-fashion label and iconic athletic brand will feature men’s, women’s and unisex products that redefine and reimagine staple pieces. The unique collection seamlessly integrates Pyer Moss’ flair for storytelling and contemporary silhouettes and shapes with Reebok’s rich history of footwear and apparel, donning the message of Sankofa and the reclamation of what is yours.

The Experiment 4 “Fresco” sneaker redefines the chunky footwear trend, boldly reimagining a statement shoe. With vibrant blue being the defining shade of an otherwise crisp black and white shoe with golden yellow details, the silhouette of the sneaker is contemporary yet classic, merging Pyer Moss’ exploration into the modern wearer with Reebok’s infallible style.


Designed as a sacred object split into three layers with each representing the climb to success through the overcoming of adversity, each layer tells a story: the first section’s mudguard speaks of the fight and rise of heroes, utilizing rubberized leather and hard TPU to protect the rest of the shoe. It speaks of boundaries, and the shortcomings of those who could not overcome them.

The middle layer of the shoe consists of the heel, toe, lateral and medial sides, hinting at subtle excess, glamour and success; the luxurious knit fabric with gems and molded containment warns against heavy indulgence, but reconciles the idea that everyone deserves to shine.

Finally, the third layer of the Experiment 4 “Fresco” sneaker is the emotion. Featuring deconstructed and soft materials for the inner and outer tongue and the lining—all the parts making physical contact with the wearer—the shoe encompasses the rise of good, encompassing the quest for triumph in a sacred object.

The sneaker will drop in conjunction with the latest offering of Reebok by Pyer Moss Collection 3, which brings athletic shapes and structures to Pyer Moss’ signature clean-cut looks and silhouettes for men and women. 

The collection drops toys with color and shape, bringing in bold and vibrant pops of red, bright purple, and pale yellow into cool-toned hues of lilac, black and white. 

Statement pieces of the collection encompass the dichotomy between athletic apparel and modern city silhouettes: an oversized white blazer emblazoned with the Reebok logo across the arm in red, purple track pants with a complementary Reebok logo in yellow, an oversized lilac coat and matching skirt with the Reebok logo are pieces which reimagine the heritage of athleisure and high fashion. 

The unisex Experiment 4 “Fresco” sneaker will retail for $250 USD. Shop the sneaker and the Reebok by Pyer Moss ready-to-wear collection at select retailers and on or on October 17.

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