Reebok Premieres Its New Narrative Short Film, “CrateMaster”

“A story about community, creativity and self-made access to play.”

Kerby Jean-Raymond took on the role of Vice President of Creative Direction at Reebok last September. He quickly decided it was time to take the brand in a new direction, developing a fresh creative identity for the brand rooted in its heritage. As part of this initiative, Jean-Raymond directed a narrative short film titled “CrateMaster,” which premiered on Wednesday.

Image courtesy of Reebok.

Filmed in the Brooklyn borough of Brownsville, New York, – not far from where Jean-Raymond grew up in Flatbush – “CrateMaster” features area residents, giving the community a stage to tell its story. The film follows a day in the life of neighborhood youth as they move about town engaging with local characters. They are planning that evening’s basketball tournament, where the next Crate Master is to be crowned.

“For inner city areas like Brooklyn, where this particular story is told, access to play is a big issue-you have so many people with so little resources and even less space,” explained Jean-Raymond. “While CrateMaster shines a light on that, it more so defines the power of community and play that motivates these youth to create their own access, to be with one another and to compete.”

Image courtesy of Reebok.

The film seeks to prove that creativity and passion for play and sport can turn any city space into a community space – with subtle nods to classic and forthcoming Reebok footwear.

“As part of Reebok’s new approach to storytelling, we want to showcase sports and activities that everyone can have access to,” said Jean-Raymond. With the hopes of creating a lasting effect on the community and elevating the overall experience of the park, Reebok will also donate equipment and supplies to the Friends of Hilltop for the Hilltop Playground and recreation center.

The film was pre-screened for local residents on Tuesday evening at the Brooklyn court where it was shot. The screening also included carnival games and a basketball tournament starring the cast of the film.

Image courtesy of Reebok.

This is not Jean-Raymond’s first film project at Reebok.

Upon joining the brand, he recruited fellow creative and designer, Jide Osifeso, as the brand’s new Artistic Marketing Director. Together, ahead of the Fall-Winter 2021 launch, they developed a series of short vignettes and a longform project titled “Reconnect,” which can be watched here. This was something of a social relaunch for the brand, giving it a new aesthetic and a new identity that Jean-Raymond is hoping to further develop and grow.

Image courtesy of Reebok.

The first product line influenced by Jean-Raymond debuts in the Spring-Summer 2022 Collection, and the first collection driven entirely by his creative direction will be revealed in Spring-Summer 2023.

Watch “CrateMaster” here:

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