Reflecting on Moncler and RIMOWA’S New Suitcase

Luxury apparel and high-quality luggage brand shine a light on a new collection.

It comes with much excitement that RIMOWA and Moncler are announcing a new limited edition suitcase, by the name “Reflection.” Moncler RIMOWA “Reflection” consists of a mirrored aluminum suitcase constructed with thoughtfulness—seen through the detailed travel accessories. The unique design of the suitcase mirrors the high-quality of both brands, merging technology with style. 

A spin-off from RIMOWA’s Original Cabin in black, the suitcase sharpens its iconic aluminum exterior with an ultra-shiny mirrored surface. A finishing technique that is reminiscent of the lacquered effect found in Moncler’s down jackets now makes for a perfect glare-guard against the bright glaze of the sun. Within the engineered grooved exterior lies the coveted Moncler badge, an iconic convergence of both brands’ motifs. The aluminum surface is balanced with matte black handles, placed for practicality when handling. The interior features an exclusive packing cube set in Moncler’s signature padded nylon fabric, helpful for organization. Other accessories include a luggage tag and belt produced in a darker shade of grey, designed by Moncler. 

CEO of RIMOWA, Alexandre Arnault, expressed excitement about the “Reflection” project as both houses are pushing boundaries. Further speaking on Moncler Genius as a natural fit as a partner for the collaboration. Bringing out the best in each other, the two companies explore ways of integrating technology into the modern-day travel experience. Debuting at Moncler Genius, a programmable LED screen will display ticker-style messages. This incorporated feature will be app-led, as customers communicate similarly to how they would online. An innovative collaboration, meant to suit every mood a traveler might have. Shop the new hyper-personalized suitcases at Moncler Genius.

Moncler RIMOWA “Reflection” is retailing for $2,690 USD and will be available in limited qualities starting June 2020 in both stores worldwide and online. Travel in style and plane your next trip, check out the images down below.

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