Register To Vote Today: Here's How

Register To Vote Today: Here's How

Register To Vote Today: Here's How

Find out what steps you need to take, now!

Find out what steps you need to take, now!

Text: Sophie Lee

You're probably aware that the United States is coming up on a contentious presidential election this November. Perhaps you would like to cast your ballot for the first time, or you simply need to re-register. That's great! You've clicked on the right article. Voting in these highly publicized races is definitely important, but national elections aren't the only ones that matter. Local and state elections take place year-round, and make a significant impact on your community. If you want your vote to count, no matter how big or small the stakes, now is the time to make sure you are registered in your home state, here are some key things to know.

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In order to be eligible to vote, you must be 18 or older and a citizen of the Unites States, as well as a resident of whichever state you vote in. However, there are also voter eligibility rules that vary by state, including things like what ID you can use and your local residency dates. You can find your state's requirements here.

Voting Rights

While registering to vote has become significantly easier in recent years, the fight for voter rights is far from over. There are still many restrictions on voting in the United States. Voter suppression, things like purging voter rolls or voter ID laws, is an ongoing struggle in our country. You can learn more about voter suppression by watching this Ted Talk by Plus1Vote's co-founder Saad Amer. You can also read up on your personal voter rights by visiting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) website.

Registering Online

Despite these drawbacks, your registration is likely only a click or a letter away. 40 states allow voters to register online. If you live or vote in one of these states, simply click the link and follow the instructions. Registering online cuts down on wait times and makes voting more accessible, especially at a time when the United States Postal Service is being slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic and federal legislation.

Registering By Mail

If you don't live in a state with online voter registration, you can still mail in your application, but make sure to give it enough time to be delivered and processed before the election. Visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission website and select your state from the drop-down menu. Once there, click "register to vote" and follow the instructions. You can also find the National Mail Voter Registration Form here. Send your voter registration form to your local or state election office for processing.

Absentee Registration

If you are eligible to vote in the U.S. but are living abroad or serving in the armed forces, you can find information on registering through the Overseas Vote Foundation website. Simply choose which type of voter you are from the drop down menu and follow the instructions to register for your absentee ballot.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about voting visit the Plus1Vote or RockTheVote website, and remember, as a citizen of the United States, it's your right to have your voice heard.

Credits: Photo from Plus1Vote.


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