Reimagine The Past With Dinh Van

Almost 50 Years Later, Parisian jewelry house Dinh Van reconceptualizes the Menottes dinh van collection

Jeweler Jean Dinh Van got his start at Cartier Paris. For a decade, the young artist produced intricate fine jewelry creations for a posh clientele, including the Duchess of Windsor. Inspired by the heightened attention and unignorable progress of women’s fashions in the 1960s, such as the invention of the mini skirt, Jean Dinh Van sought to cement his legacy in the fashion industry. Following the conception of his jewelry brand, Dinh Van Paris, he did just that. 

Courtesy of dinh van Paris

With a dedication to handmade artisanship, Jean sought to create jewelry that was not only for everyone, but that could be worn anywhere. On the street or at a gala, Jean’s jewelry acts as an extension of the wearer, no matter where they are. The jewelry designer’s  mission to “bring jewelry to the streets” has not only made the storied brand a household name, but a trailblazer in the jewelry industry- because we all deserve a little bling. 

Courtesy dinh van Paris

This April, Dinh Van Paris releases the Menottes dinh van collection: a modern take on the brand’s original 1976 creation. Resembling the head of a key permanently interlocked with another, the collection is a symbol for the unshakable love between two humans- a connection that nothing, not even a key, can pry apart. 

Courtesy of dinh van Paris

Through reinterpreting the Menottes dinh van collection almost 50 years later, Dinh Van Paris pays tribute to the Founder’s passion for semi-precious stones. Precious materials can be seen in two main sizes: XXL and a smaller silhouette. The XXL double-sided version will include lapis lazuli, mother of pearl, onyx, and malachite. The smaller version, dubbed R10, will feature lapis lazuli and malachite like the XXL, but will also be available with coral and chrysoprase. The R10 model features a floating stone in the center of the motif that can be rotated. 

Available on, as well as select retailers, now is the time to invest in jewelry as complex as the human experience. 

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