Sailing through the Week With oHHo CBD

VMAN approved CBD just in time for weekend relaxation.

Due to the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings, V recognizes that this is a time of both induced stress and anxiety. We want to provide the best resources for our readers to stay happy and healthy, so we are sharing one of our favorite stress-reducing products with you.

This current must-have is a CBD oil from oHHo whose naturally-occurring properties have never been more prevalent. Committed to releasing any discomfort you might be experiencing while quarantining, founder James Stephenson explained the foundation of his company.  

“When we created oHHo, it made sense to us that CBD oil, which is made from hemp, part of the Cannabis family could be treated like wine or coffee. Unlike other CBD oils, oHHo only contains two ingredients — both of which you can spell—hemp extract and MCT oil,” said Stephenson.“Depending on the terroir, strain, and environment, the plants are grown and influence their taste profile, properties, and their smell.”

Their CBD oil consists of terpenes proven to help reduce anxiety as well as a variety of other therapeutic properties including Limonene, Humulene, Caryophyllene and Myrcene Bisabolol. Stephenson continues, “These taste profiles have soothing effects which further benefit from the fact that oHHo is a full-spectrum oil, meaning that all components of the plant are apparent and work together in our CBD oil.”

For those who might be experiencing insomnia due to inconsistent sleep schedules, increased apprehension, anxiety, or depression, oHHo is the perfect curated CBD oil to help keep you company as you are self-isolating. Currently, oHHo offers ‘oHHo New York’ and ‘oHHo Colorado’ which both retail for $85. The oHHo CBD Oil ‘Testing Kit’ includes 4mL samples of each oil for just $35. 

Because we believe in this product, oHHo has created an exclusive code for just for V readers.

BUY NOW at and use “VMAG20” when you check out for 20% off a one time purchase of any oHHo oil.

If you are new to CBD, oHHo has provided some instructions down below. Enjoy and relax!

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