Remembering Garry Marshall: The Best Looks From 'Pretty Woman'

Remembering Garry Marshall: The Best Looks From 'Pretty Woman'

In Honor of the Director and Filmmaker, We're Looking Back at the Most Iconic Outfits From His Most Memorable Film

In Honor of the Director and Filmmaker, We're Looking Back at the Most Iconic Outfits From His Most Memorable Film

Text: Jillian Selzer

In a significant loss for Hollywood, Garry Marshall passed away yesterday at the age of 81. The late filmmaker and director was most well-known for writing and directing works like Happy Days, Beaches and Overboard, just to name a few. While Marshall made his mark on the entertainment industry with several pop culture works we still cherish today, one stands out in particular: Pretty Woman. Both the world's introduction to Julia Roberts and an instant cinematic classic, the film is filled with quotable lines and unmistakable style. As a tribute to Marshall, we've rounded up the best looks from the original chick flick.

From inspiring Halloween costumes to influencing red carpet looks, Vivian's trademark outfit is a sight to behold. While this ensemble may have been scandalous in 1990, it reads right at home on the runways—and closet racks—of today. This iconic look holds more clout than the Pretty Woman cast might have once thought.

In the words of Coco Chanel, one is never under-dressed or overdressed with a Little Black Dress, and Vivian is no exception to the rule. It's clear there isn't a style Julia Roberts can't rock, and the coordinating fabric choker is an edgy touch to an already classic dress. Prostitute? We thought you said Queen.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or in Vivian's case with a side of Chanel and Louis Vuitton. While the everyday shopping trip may not consist of a button down dress, gloves and heels, Vivian somehow pulls it off with her new influx of cash and confidence. The fact that she used her outfit to show off her new glam life and prove her worth to shady sales associates makes it all even better. You need a killer dress to match a killer attitude.

Perhaps one of the most memorable ensembles in movie history, Julia Roberts absolutely stunned in this floor length off-the-should red dress Vivian wore to the opera with Edward. Coupled with Roberts' stunning red hair, the gorgeous diamond statement necklace and a timeless red lip, Vivian screamed class and sophistication.

It was in this scene in particular we all completely forgot the real reason Vivian was with Edward in the first place. She looked like a regular Californian socialite in this playful yet demure outfit. And how can we forget her wide-brimmed hat and chic white gloves? Was she actually a royal? The world may never know. 

We now know who originally pegged the co-ord trend as their own, and it wasn't Taylor Swift. While the salmon color doesn't leave much to be desired, the retro culottes and simple sunnies are pieces required for any chic wardrobe.

Where can we get that oversized jacket and those high-wasted jeans? (Asking for a friend.) As we said goodbye to both the movie and the anonymous hooker Vivian once was, her ensemble in the final scene showed us a sophisticated yet relaxed style. Who wouldn't take Vivian's white Tee and blazer combo from work to happy hour? This classic outfit proves that some trends will never tire.

Credits: Photos Courtesy of Pretty Woman and Buena Vista Pictures


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