Remembering Willie Garson and His Fabulous Portrayal of Sex and the City’s Stanford Blatch

Forever an icon, we celebrate Willie Garson’s best moments as Stanford Blatch.

In a tragic turn of events the oh-so-talented actor Willie Garson has passed away at 57. He leaves with us his legacy through characters, with one in particular that is worthy of a special note—Stanford Blatch. The gay bestfriend of Sex and the City’s star Carrie Bradshaw, Stanford—endearingly known to us as Stanny—was a starlet in his own right. A true fashion icon, Stanford never failed to amaze wearing vibrant colored suits, patterned button-ups, and even a newsboy hat on more than one occasion. Lest we forget the many colored lenses of his signature round and rectangle glasses! Stanford’s instant likeability goes beyond clothes, however, and it was his quick wit and loyal charm that made even us viewers feel like his best friend. A true gem in the TV world, Garson in his roles on and off screen are already deeply missed.


Over the six seasons of Sex and the City, Stanny starred in many an iconic moment. Who could forget the online dating plotline with BigTool4U and Stanford’s own cyber alias, Rick9Plus, or his many punchy lines like “We all judge. That’s our hobby. Some people do arts and crafts. We judge.” A wordsmith who just got it and who never failed to keep Carrie grounded, Stanford always showed up dishing advice, humor, and damn good outfits. No one can ever replace the forever “extra” Stanny—his wedding to character Anthony Marantino was replete with swans, a footbridge, and Liza Minelli as officiant—so in an ode to the star, we celebrate a few of his best Sex and the City moments.   


1. When Stanny joins an online dating site.

2. He always gave the best insights in his chats with Carrie.

3. One of the numerous times he had a crush. 

4. Stanford was always out there telling it like it is.

5. A realist at heart, Stanny kept Carrie grounded.

6. He was always there for support, including the time he helped Charlotte sort her marital concerns. 

7. Be sure to take note of his fabulous green blazer, purple patterned tie, multicolored scarf, and green-tinted glasses.

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