Remi Wolf Kicks Off UGG’s ‘Feel House’ 3-Day Weekend in West Hollywood

Get your look at one of the season’s buzziest weekend events.

Before the Grammy’s madness for music’s biggest night and the craziness of Coachella’s kick-off, beloved luxe leisure brand UGG launched their inaugural ‘Feel House’. Housing a multi-day experience over the course of one weekend, the latest celebratory series of events spotlighted the brand’s “Feel You” campaign for the spring/summer 2022 season. Tapping into UGG’s network of creative spirits who help embody, empower, and champion the ethos of the effortlessly cool brand, celebrities from every neighboring community of Hollywood came together for a slew of appearances to ring in the brand’s latest chapter and remind us all about the emotional and physical connectivity and feelings that UGG can deliver.

Kicking things off on Thursday night with a multi-song performance, belting out her recent pop-laden bops and even gifting the audience with a rendition of rock ‘n roll classic “Piece Of My Heart”, is next-gen songstress Remi Wolf. With the setting of The West Hollywood Edition’s in-house club titled ‘Sunset’ as the show’s venue, guests from all around Los Angeles, New York, and beyond were treated to Remi’s raspy yet vivacious vocals, featuring tracks such as “Disco Man” and “Sexy Villain”. In attendance to help support the exciting evening were A-listers such as Kiernan Shipka, Barbie Ferreira, Rowan Blanchard, and Parris Goebel–all head-bopping Remi and a live set from DJ Dave, decked out in their UGG’s, of course.

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Fast forward to Friday morning, the “Feel House” was up and running in Beverly Hills–where friends and family of the UGG brand were invited to hang out by the bar, take a dive in the swimming pool, and even work on the chaise lounges while refreshing cocktails and light bites were served and encouraged, culminating in the perfect relaxation day. To top it all off, artist and designer Shakira Javonni customized UGG apparel on-site throughout the day, bringing a smile to every guest who walked away with a one-of-a-kind embroidered piece. Later in the evening, as the California sunset and the light breeze kicked in, UGG and fashion designer and restaurateur Humberto Leon of Los Angeles’ Chifa restaurant welcomed a new round of guests to a special culinary experience, serving up dishes that echoed the tastings of the trendy grub spot. With special guests such as Elsa Hosk, Soo Joo Park, Greta Lee, Spike Jonze, and Soko munching on the delicious platters, day two offered an overarching look at the full UGG world and the many talents it incubates.

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With day three’s arrival, the final day in the weekend-long fête of fashion, ‘Feel House’ saw one last reimagining to close out the season’s festivities. With a feel-good day led by Starface and Plus founder, and UGG ambassador Julie Schott, fashion and beauty’s elite insiders attended a private yoga class to help rejuvenate the soul and help inject a dose of good vibes. With the second installment of unique customization by Shakira Javonni and even complimentary ear piercings by Dom Von Studio, guests were feeling great with the tunes of DJ Amrit.

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With UGG setting the caliber for an all-time high this season, V’s Kevin Ponce caught up with campaign star Remi Wolf to talk fashion, music, and what’s in store for the summer.

Kevin Ponce: First of all, how excited are you to be performing tonight?

Remi Wolf: I’m very excited. It looks fucking sick in here and there are a lot of crazy people coming. I feel like the energy will be good. I have a good feeling about tonight that people are going to want to have fun and get down.

KP: So you’re a part of the new UGG “Feel You” campaign–what was it like to be chosen for that?

RW: Honestly, very surreal. I was so happy, its my first big campaign. I grew up wearing UGGs and going to ski in the mountains and really cool environments and the UGG boot was my [go-to]. I did not wear anything except for UGG for honestly like, seven years.

KP: Do you still have those same pairs of UGG boots?

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RW: Oh, they’re retired. When you get the boot wet too many times, it’s a little tragic looking, but you can actually get them cleaned. I’ve learned and I’ve gotten a couple of pairs cleaned and they look fresh as fuck.

KP: Were you nervous to become the star of the campaign?

RW: I was a bit nervous. I’ve been in front of the camera a lot at this point. So it wasn’t too crazy, but it was–but the shoes are really cool. UGG is making strides in their variety of shoes, so it was cool to wear all these new styles that I’d never seen before. 

KP: What is it about UGG that spoke to you and how they celebrate creatives from all over?

RW: I mean, I definitely have nostalgia for the shoe and for the brand. The UGG brand was so ingrained in me and in my family and my culture growing up. They are doing so many fun things now and it’s not just like the classic [styles]. It seems like they’re really trying to have fun with their brand and their collections. I wear them on the road [because] I’m all about comfort in my style. In the new collection, I really love the fuzzy slides. They’re really sick and they look good–my whole band is wearing them tonight. 

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KP: I like that you really are merging up the comfort of brands like UGG with your own unique personal style. When it comes to performances and your day-to-day, what are you putting on your body that excites you?

RW: I’m a very big thrifter–I love vintage [pieces] and being comfortable. That’s a part of my style that I think has been enhanced by the pandemic. I’m all about comfy and stylish kind of vibes. But there’s a couple designers that I love–Jean Paul Gaultier, Chopova Lowena, Issey Miyake, Prada, Balenciaga. I’m in this phase right now where I’m combining designer with my thrifted collection.

KP: A music girl who gets fashion–I’m into it. Let’s talk about your music–when can we expect more singles and an album? I think your fans need another major music moment.

RW: There are definitely a lot more singles coming out this year. I’m releasing a deluxe album for my album Juno, so there’s going to be a lot more shit coming out for that. A lot of cool, exciting moments that I’m not gonna spoil. I’m in the process of working on another album as well so I’m stoked. I’m feeling creative and the flow has really been flowing. The tour kind of put a stop to the flow for a brief moment, but as soon as I get back from the tour, the flow will continue.

KP: Will the sound that we’ve already sort of grown to like about you continue or are we exploring some new musical routes and genres?

RW: There’s definitely an evolution. I would say it’s always going to sound like me because I’m [just] me, in that way. It’ll be new and fresh and fun. Maybe a little dark, a little sad, but definitely fun.

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