Represent Stuns With Latest Maroon Owners’ Club Collection

Imbued with updated color palettes and innovative materials, the merchandise brand reveals its latest club collection

Refined in a new maroon-flavored colorway, the world-renowned “direct to fans” merchandise brand, Represent is unveiling its latest iteration of its inclusive bestselling Owners’ Club Collection. Further expanding the Owners’ Club offerings, the colorway is available in the core and iconic silhouettes, including their heavyweight jersey cotton hoodie, crewneck sweatshirt, t-shirt, and sweatpant style. In tandem with their much-anticipated drop of the Owners’ Club aesthetic, Represent is releasing their Classic Reptor Sneaker in the updated palette along with the low-top basketball-style shoe with skate elements. The iconic trainers feature tonal maroon leather panels on the front and back with suede “REP” lettering that has been worked into the shoe’s construction.

Renowned for raising the standard on celebrity merchandise, Represent is responsible for helping build the brands we know and love today. Some of their most renowned talent drops include Zayn, Marvel, PewDiePie, Mark Taun, and pioneers in the media and sports industries. Built from the ground up, Represent helps customers customize 330+ physical and digital products, all in one place, while their in-house marketing team amplifies reach, boosts profits, and positions brands for long-term success.

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