Retail Therapy: Anthom

Retail Therapy: Anthom

Retail Therapy: Anthom

Meet the SoHo boutique housing some of the most sought-after designs.

Meet the SoHo boutique housing some of the most sought-after designs.

Text: Danielle Combs

In Retail Therapy, V spotlights our favorite boutiques and concept stores from around the world. This week, we spoke with Ashley Turchin, the owner and founder of New York-based boutique ANTHOM. The meticulously curated concept store is a hidden gem tucked away in SoHo, housing an array of high-low garments that are designed effortlessly, offering quality materials and a sense of uniqueness with each item Ashley chooses to house. Each piece is hand-selected by Ashley and her team, ensuring you’ll always walk away with a forever keepsake. Read below to see how Ashley defines style, how ANTHOM was conceived, and the favorite pieces she currently has in stock.

How was your boutique ANTHOM conceived? Is there a meaning or message behind the name?

ANTHOM was founded by myself, Marshall Johnson, and his wife Carla Cabrera. We knew each other for a couple years and always had shared interest in aesthetic, art, and design. We noticed a hole in the market with this contemporary price point in the multi-line world. We wanted to create something bigger than just a boutique, but a lifestyle where thoughtful and sophisticated women can find innovative but still relatable and attainable fashion. Our consumer shops high-low. It’s not so much about the price of the garment but the quality, design, and uniqueness.

How would you describe your aesthetic and the items you’ve curated for your store?

Just that our items are thoughtful. We curate items that women can live in and subtly stand out in.

How would you describe the Anthom woman?

She’s smart, sophisticated, and thoughtful. She wants to look put together but doesn’t have a lot of time to think about getting ready because she’s a boss. She never chases trends and feels confident from the inside out. She knows cool is relative. She’s the leader of the pack.

What does style mean to you? And how do you translate that into your store?

Style is personal. Our objective is to provide women with new or innovative silhouettes they can incorporate into their wardrobe in an effortless way.

Your store is masterfully curated and features a mix of high-end and low-end designers. What is the process like when selecting the pieces and designers you want to stock in store?

We just have a very clear vision of who we are and who our woman is, and we curate accordingly. Marshall pushes the creative envelope while Carla buys from a shopper’s perspective. I know what our customer is looking for because they come into our store and talk to me about it. I see what works. We are very interested in design and the evolution of style, which also steers our vision.

What are some of your favorite pieces you’re carrying at the moment?

I have a special place for all of our products because they’re handpicked just for ANTHOM. I am living in these amazing Yune Ho high-waisted, wide-legged pants that are so easy and so flattering. I’m also loving jujumade earrings, Steve Mono bags, and Diemme sneakers at the moment.

Who are the designers that should be on everyone’s radar and why?

Yune Ho. His brand is thoughtful and sophisticated yet there’s a freshness to it that he’s able to capture every season. His quality is unbelievable. I’m also really into Ksenia Schnaider these days—her pieces always inspire me. Same with Ffixxed Studios, I love their twist on things and their attention to detail.

Are there any exciting projects in the works or new designers we can expect to see at the store?

We are always looking to push our envelope. The great aspect of NYC and our area of SoHo specifically is that it’s a melting pot of creative people. They just walk into our store. We have some things under wraps that we will reveal soon.

Credits: images courtesy of anthom


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