Retail Therapy: KITH Collaborates with Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

Retail Therapy: KITH Collaborates with Jewelry Designer Pamela Love

Pamela Love puts her signature spin on gold hoop earrings.

Pamela Love puts her signature spin on gold hoop earrings.

Text: Danielle Combs

Since its inception in 2011, streetwear line Kith has been on a sartorial hot streak, churning out sleek luxurious tracksuits, bombers, and upscale basics suited for the modern woman, often branching out with unexpected collaborations. Now, the progressive retail establishment is expanding their repertoire with their latest collaboration with renowned jewelry designer Pamela Love, who created her own iteration of classic gold hoop earrings for the brand. In an exclusive interview with V, Pamela sits down to discuss her design philosophy, her affinity for mismatched earrings, and the inspiration behind her collaboration with Kith.

How would you describe the meaning or aesthetic of your eponymous line?

I love contrasts, masculine meets feminine, modern meets ancient, etc. My line is very much an exploration of contrasts.

What does jewelry represent or mean to you?

To me, jewelry is the most personal and special part of how we express ourselves.

How do you like to wear or mix and match your jewelry?

I love to mix up my earrings; I rarely wear a matching pair unless it’s a very formal occasion.

How did the collaboration between you and Kith begin? What was the idea or intention behind it?

I have always been a fan of Kith, and a mutual acquaintance introduced the two brands.

What was your process like when creating the line of hoop earrings for Kith? What was your design approach when melding your style and aesthetic with Kith’s distinct take on streetwear?

I love mismatched earrings and it’s a big part of the Pamela Love aesthetic. While I love the classic big gold hoop aesthetic, I wanted to reinterpret this as a mismatched pair. The team at Kith thought it would be great for their customers to be able to create their own mismatched or matching look, so we created 3 sizes of gold hoops, all available as singles.

Gold hoops have always been revered as a timeless staple. How did you aim to reinterpret the classic mainstay for your collaboration?

The hoops themselves have a wonky, almost crinkly texture to them, which is very signature to the Pamela Love brand and also sets them apart from the classic gold hoops. They are super lightweight; even the largest size is so comfortable.

Do you have any future plans to collaborate with more designers?

We always have something fun in the works!

The Kith Women x Pamela Love collection releases this Saturday, February 10th at Kith’s  SoHo, Brooklyn, and Miami shops, and at 11 AM EST on


Credits: images courtesy of kith x pamela love


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