Retail Therapy: Resurrection Vintage

Retail Therapy: Resurrection Vintage

Retail Therapy: Resurrection Vintage

Go around the world to our favorite boutiques and concept stores. This week, we look at New York's best vintage boutique Resurrection Vintage.

Go around the world to our favorite boutiques and concept stores. This week, we look at New York's best vintage boutique Resurrection Vintage.

Text: Danielle Combs

In Retail Therapy, V rounds up our favorite boutiques and concept stores from around the world. This week, we speak with owners Katy Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy of New York and Los Angeles boutique Resurrection Vintage.

For any self-professed fashion enthusiast, nothing feels quite as satisfying as embarking on a thrilling hunt for the ultimate vintage find. At Resurrection Vintage, the mecca of designer vintage clothing, you can uncover long-lost treasures from John Galliano’s wildly beautiful avant-garde dresses for Dior to Chanel’s colorful beachwear circa 1997; it's vintage fashion at its finest. Read on to see Katy’s and Mark’s top picks from the store and the designers you should have hanging in your closet.

Who: Katy Rodriguez and Mark Haddawy

Spot: 45 Great Jones Street, New York NY 10012, and 8006 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Known For: The rarest most cutting-edge shit since 1996. We’re the fashion world’s boutique/archive. Best gear and best clients.

Five Most Covetable Items:

Anything Dior by Galliano from the early 2000’s because it’s nuts and sexy, young and fun.

YSL jewelry by Robert Goossens because it’s chic AF.

Raf Simons from the early 2000s because it’s Raf’s greatest period and has become impossible to find, and also great pieces by Helmut Lang from the 1990s/2000s. Ironically, Resurrection was a resource for both designers at the time those collections were made so it’s cool to have the pieces come around now as collectibles.

Balenciaga by Ghesquière from 2002 & 2003 because it’s summer and everyone loves a neoprene scuba dress, rasta fencing top, and the most famous cargo pants of all time. We’re also debuting a great group of Fall/Winter pieces of Balenciaga by Ghesquière right after Labor Day.

Miu Miu and Prada—we’re obsessed. Our entire staff is crazy for all of it. From the ‘90s mesh and neoprene collections, messenger bags and belt bags to the more graphic 2008 Fairy collection, and mohair fur Prada did in 2011. Almost too many great collections to name.

5 Designers To Know and Why:

These days, designers aren’t well kept secrets, so it’s really more about the collection and the piece. We sell tons of obscure stuff like Vexed Generation, Number Nine, and East West, but obscure doesn’t always mean better. Best is better and that’s what we buy and sell.

YSL circa 1970s: There’s not a single bad collection from the entire decade. YSL is the ultimate. Everyone should own at least one look.

Dior by Galliano SS 2000: The denim collection that inspired a decade of French jeans and bad American copies. Get every piece you can. Don’t forget the bags. We can’t keep them in.

Junya Watanabe AW 2006: Deconstructed repurposed military. Best military collection ever. DONE.

Margiela 1989 to 2006: We have been selling the most important collections and pieces for a decade. If you love Margiela by Martin come see us. Early collections, artisanal, accessories and shoes. We have it all.

Alexander McQueen from Dante (1996), Joan (1998), Horn of Plenty (2009), and Plato’s Atlantis (2010): Everyone should have something totally mystical and outrageous by Lee McQueen even if it only stays in your closet or hangs on your wall.

Vivienne Westwood and McLaren: We still have the best collection that’s not fake for sale, it’s impossible to come by. Plus, has any other archive and or boutique curated a fashion exhibition at Visionaire?



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