Rhude Fall/Winter 2021 Collection Is Here

Finding comfort in timeless pieces and moments from his past.

For Rhude‘s founder Rhuigi Villaseñor, the Fall/Winter 2021 fashion season was all about finding comfort in moments from his past.

The result? A reminiscent collection full of timeless pieces that merges the past with the present; the classic with the luxury; fond memories with a vision for the future.

Traveling back in time to relive his past experiences and seeking inspiration from classic cars and style choices from his collegiate years, Villaseñor brought in bits in pieces of his 90s youth that can be seen throughout the collection in a variety of ways. Expressing his admiration for classic and luxury cars through deconstructed automotive interiors and referencing the days spend roaming around school hallways through the use of denim, the designer evokes the endurance of these looks, once again proving to himself, everyone and everything around him that we are capable of persevering all challenges that have come across our paths.

In addition to highlighting the grungy aesthetic of the 90s, the range also features relaxed silhouettes, classic tailoring and elements of suiting, alongside an innovative take on womenswear following the line’s debut in the Fall/Winter 2020 collection. Placing the focus on confidence and a celebration of beauty and freedom, the women’s offering creates a modern uniform that can easily translate from day-to-night. Take a garment that Villaseñor lovingly refers to as “The Girlfriend Coat” — a classic, tailored piece reinterpreted through the label’s modern streetwear lens.

To further the idea of continuing down our paths no matter what, Rhude tapped the iconic Formula 1 team McLaren Racing for a limited capsule collection within the Fall/Winter 2021 range. The collab will reimagine the powerful stories and iconography of McLaren’s renowned Formula 1 history, conveying the style and energy of racing into innovative and progressive designs. A true testament to perseverance and the power of continuing down your path in the face of adversity, this new collection from Rhude reveals to us that there has been no obstacle that has come across our path that we have not yet been able to overcome.

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