Rhude Shifts Into Gear With Lamborghini Collaboration

The capsule collection fuses automotive luxury with fashion design.

Lamborghini has burned a brand image into the national consciousness. With smooth, angelic lines and a compact structure, these high-end vehicles immediately draw attention. This classic style also provides prime fodder for collaboration. The Lamborghini style is transmutable, bringing a luxe clean aesthetic to several fields of design. For Miami Art Basel, Lamborghini has put this creative opportunity into practice. Collaborating with Rhude, the two brands created a capsule collection of Lamborghini-themed garments, perfect for the car lover of your life.

Image courtesy of Rhude x Lamborghini
Image courtesy of Rhude x Lamborghini

Premiering at Miami’s Art Basel, a haven for the upper echelons of the art world, the Rhude x Lamborghini collection immediately drew eyes. The collection was presented in tandem with a brand new Lamborghini vehicle, the Huracán Sterrato, and took many of its design influences from this new car. For Rhude Founder Rhugi Villaseñor, the pairing was a natural one: “Cars and Fashion are two of my favorite life joys, being able to marry these fields in a modern and intriguing approach excited me, I’m so thrilled for the world to see what we cook up here.” 

The collection itself is made up of several different pieces, ranging from jackets and cargo pants to flat-brimmed hats and duffels. While most garments have that sleek, tech-driven Lamborghini look, many also embrace the more rustic and canvas-forward aesthetic of military surplus. The links to Lamborghini are often implicit, though some garments connect directly to the luxury vehicles. Consider the collection’s half-zip anorak, which features detailing mimicking the vent first found on the Lamborghini Countach. The collection also ranges in price, with pieces retailing between $295 and $2,995. 

Image courtesy of Rhude x Lamborghini

The melding of luxury cars and high-end fashion makes sense, especially considering their historical roots. Most of these upper-crust car brands, from Lamborghini to Ferrari, feature design houses based in Italy. The same is true for these classic Italian designers that build up the fashion industry. The styles intrinsically match, on origin alone. Still, there’s something new and uncharted in the Rhude x Lamborghini collection. Alternative design has been featured on luxury cars before, that’s not new. But so rarely is car design brought to the fashion world. This alternative transposition is unique and fresh, something that makes this collection stand out.

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