Richard Quinn Talks His Latest Collaborative Project For Moncler

Richard Quinn Talks His Latest Collaborative Project For Moncler

Richard Quinn Talks His Latest Collaborative Project For Moncler

The second installment from the Moncler's Genius 2020 lineup.

The second installment from the Moncler's Genius 2020 lineup.


For its latest collection from the Genius 2020 lineup, Moncler decided to once again tap British designer and the label's long-time collaborator Richard Quinn. Dubbed 8 Moncler, Quinn took inspiration from the mid-'60s and adorned Moncler's trapeze dresses, leggings, and coats with bold colorful prints and embellishments. The colorful capsule line has officially launched on May 28, and with its couture dresses featuring full opera skirts and gloves in a variety of prints and hues, it's definitely the one not to be missed.

To celebrate the launch, spoke with Quinn about this collaborative project, the notion of "escapism" and how he manages to stay creative during the lockdown. Read the full interview below:

V Magazine Could you talk about when this collection was designed in reference to pandemic — before, during or both?

Richard Quinn The collection was designed and developed in 2019

V How do you merge your own aesthetic, design, persona, etc. with that of a very established brand such as Moncler? Where is the middle ground?

RQ It’s a really interesting project as it is driven by creativity. It’s really great to look into each heritage and draw similarities and differences and play on these. The textile was really the pusher this season to add depth to the prints and bring the 1960s futuristic image to life. We developed faux fur, chain mail and quilting techniques.

V Why do you feel that Moncler in particular was a fit for you when it came to doing a collaboration?

RQ The project is a leader in the way different designers with strong voices all show together under one house with strong individual points of view - for me, it feels so modern and fresh the way in which they work and approached the project. I knew from initial meetings that it was going to be very creative and that I would learn so much from them, everyone is so generous with their knowledge and great to work with, such a great experience for myself and my team.

V How has creativity helped (or perhaps hindered) you during the lockdown?

RQ I think creativity will always thrive and prosper in times of darkness and adversity. I was very quick to kick into action and there are now lots of doctors and nurses all over the NHS in England with floral scrubs. I think it’s a great exercise in giving back and taking stock. It has been obviously a scary time for everyone but the silver lining is the communities that have come together.

V The global crisis is going to change a lot. Are there any positive changes that you can envision?

RQ I think the world will evolve in many ways and the calm after the storm will of course bring about positive change in so many societies so it will be great to see what will change for the better!

V Your designs can often be quite "escapist." Is that a word you feel drawn to or turned off by?

RQ I like the idea of my clothes being escapist or telling a story in some way. Our shows, I intend them to be very bold and escapist too so it’s nice to see a world we are trying to create come to life.


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