Rick Owens Unleashes Sexy Aliens in His AW 2019 Collection

Owens unsurprisingly surprised the audience with elaborate prosthetics and sultry clothing.

Rick Owens is known for being a maestro of spectacle, orchestrating head-turning moments in almost every show he runs (i.e. models wearing models in his Spring/Summer 2016 collection). This time around, Owens did not disappoint. Partnering with Instagram artist Salvia (@salvjiia) for makeup, Owens paraded 44 models, some as alien-like apparitions, in sexy, spacey couture down the runway. Sleaze was front and center: exposed midriffs, shining thighs and snap-clasped crotches turned on the sex appeal. The show wasn’t solely unrefined raunch; it was also a space to relish drama and glamor. Shoulders were built out like monuments, sometimes as jutting, off-the-shoulder tufts of fabric and other times like the swooping projections of a winged angel. Owens incorporated the fabric of the coypu, a semiaquatic rodent with a metallic sheen coat, into many of the outerwear garments, giving them an unfamiliar, yet alluring brilliance. The most striking fashions of the night were the prosthetics on the models’ faces, blacking out their eyes and creating unnatural protuberances along their bone structure. Aliens are often portrayed as objects of drama, oddity and sexual exoticism, all elements Owens chose to exhibit in his collection.

Rick Owens took us to a new planet with extraterrestrial figures and outfits to match. If you’re looking for something “out of this world”, this might be where you want to start.


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