Rick Owens “Luxor” Womenswear Fall/Winter 2023 Collection Represents the Reality of our World

Inspired by the world’s current events, Rick Owens presents their latest womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week.

Whilst their last menswear “Luxor” collection in January was based upon fantasy, Rick Owens’ women’s “Luxor” runway collection is inspired by the reality of the world, but the two collections go hand-in-hand. As the world faces war and chaos, this collection instigates how inspiring dignity can be in the face of aggression and acts as a reminder of what is at risk and at stake through the delicacy of the pieces.

Rick Owens’ looks are iconic and each decision is purposeful from the opening look to the sounds of each item of clothing.

Presented at Palais de Tokyo during Paris Fashion Week, the pieces within this collection have purposely been stripped down to the simplest of shapes. Padded, cushion-like silhouettes are at the forefront of this collection creating sculptures and shapes around the body. The duvet-filled garlands are the star of the show wrapped around each model differently acting as a top, skirt, or an accessory to a pre-existing undergarment.

Primarily focused on black wool and leather, the collection has several pops of color including a pink metallic set and some metallic yellow pieces. Outerwear such as boxy coats, shearling jackets, metallic puffer jackets, and multiple capes complement the denim and wool skin-tight undergarments.

The materials of each piece were consciously chosen to ensure a high standard of environmental sustainability.

Also seen in their previous “Luxor” menswear collection, 13oz of Japanese Indigo Selvedge denim was used to produce distressed shirts, dresses, and donuts. Whilst denim is usually an environmentally degrading material in fashion, the house ensured that the water used in the denim-creating process was able to be recycled.

Accessories including cuffs, chockers, and gloves elevated each look in addition to the house’s iconic lucite-heeled platform boots, re-imagined with duvet padding.

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