Workout in true Rick Owens style.

Owens is owning the American heritage of Champion’s signature style while putting a spin on classics with his goth-like aesthetic. Although looks were previously showcased on the runway during Paris Fashion Week, Rick Owens transformed Champion collaboration for Spring/Summer 2020 is here.

The refreshing and utilitarian workout clothes are avant-garde but practical. Steering away from the bold colors typical of Champion’s color palette, monochromatic outfits are introduced. Milk white, pearl light grey, and black fill the mesh, nylon, and polyester fabrics throughout the entire collection. The altered styles constructed in Owens’ image are described by the designer himself as “stripped-down togas, loincloths, and robes.” However, conventional styles such as jerseys, basketball shorts, coats, hoodies, and T-shirts are mixed into the assortment.

Champions coveted reverse weave textiles are updated with new silhouettes and design elements — lengthy pullovers, zippered hoodies, and snap closures. More of Owen’s aesthetic is shown within the use of deep V collars, sheer layering, and midriff tops. Among the several collaborations, this Champion collaboration has an unusual significance or the designer. He told WWD, “I hand-drew my logo as a cross between the Champion logo and a Jean Patou perfume label. They both had a similar vintage calligraphic flair.”

Get your workout on with Rick Owens Spring/Summer Tecuatl Champion Collaboration, see down below.

Courtesy of Owenscorp.


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