Rings To Have On Lock

These gender-neutral staple pieces elevate an ordinary, simplistic look to an entirely new level.

In a perfect world, rings are held to the same admiration as perhaps a new pair of loafers or even that invisible cloak of self-possession you call cologne. Though, just know it’s getting there. With this blueprint piece catapulting its way into the priority agenda of fashion’s most notable – Fendi, Alexander McQueen- these accessories are quickly becoming a collection centerpiece. Not to mention this gender-neutral piece acts as a true testament to the diffusion of the line that constitutes a ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ wardrobe. Meaning the possibilities are truly endless. From stainless steel bands to carefully carved aluminum stone, these humble yet bold accessories provide just the right amount of “oomph” needed to set your night in motion. For a lesson in slick and smooth stone craft, we look to Maison Margiela, while for something a bit more dynamic – say crystal – we look to Gucci. Whether you’re a designer fanatic or simply searching for something cool and stylish (and at a contemporary price), we’ve got you covered.

David Yurman
18K Rose Gold & Forged Carbon Band Ring

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

$1,750 – $2,100, Saks Fifth Avenue

John Hardy
Sterling Silver & Apache Gold Signet Ring

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

$695, Saks Fifth Avenue

Tri-Link Silver Ring

Courtesy of Mr.Porter

$600, Mr. Porter

Lion Head Ring

Courtesy of Gucci

$450, Gucci

Tom Wood
Sterling Silver Hawk’s Eye Ring

Courtesy of Farfetch

$390, Farfetch

Alexander McQueen
Chain Ring

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

$340, Saks Fifth Avenue

Ruthenium-Colored Ring

Courtesy of Fendi

$320, Fendi

Le Gramme
La 9G Brushed Ribbon Ring

Courtesy of Farfetch

$315, Farfetch

Lef Jewerly
Thor Ring

Courtesy of Wolf & Badger

$255, Wolf & Badger

Clocks and Colours
Tumbleweed Ring

Courtesy of Clocks and Colours

$180, Clocks and Colours


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