The passion behind each and every one of the looks presented in Robert Wun’s Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 collection is palpable, as the craftsmanship and ingenuity stem from his love of creating. Inspiration is pulled from the horror genre, as most designs fall under the range of slightly eerie to straight-up gory. All of the looks instantly make you think of Lady Gaga’s American Horror Story character, The Countess, as they are fit for only the most glamorous of horror movies.

In this latest collection, surprisingly less is more as each of the 24 looks tell its own story, all tied together by the love of horror. The show eases us into this world with two black, crystal-embellished garments, taking us for a turn for the delightfully absurd with three umbrella-centered looks. Rich floral pleats follow, bringing us florals that are actually groundbreaking (all pun intended), and two BDSM-inspired gowns that bring the shock towards the end. Staking a large presence in this collection was the headwear as almost every model donned a headpiece of some kind–this large wide-brim hats, veils, and a heavily embellished mask.

Sparking lots of online discourse, the final two looks provided a stunning and unexpected way to end this imaginative show. The first: a bewitching “bloodstained” bride glides down the runway with an abundance of red crystal embellishments on her white dress, making any fashion lover want to say those two magic words, “I do.” The last muse steps onto the runway wearing an elegant red dress but with a matching demon on her back trying to take it off. If this collection is a horror movie, we refuse to cover our eyes.

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