Roberta Einer Explores Knit Sensuality for SS23

The designer’s two year hiatus is over with the unveiling of a lookbook featuring Amelia Gray

After a two year hiatus where the designer restructured the business of her brand, Roberta Einer is back with her SS23 lookbook. In the interim, Einer’s designs have caught the eye of many a celebrity, including Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, and Jorja Smith. For their SS23 collection, Einer has unveiled their fresh design language in a lookbook that features two rising fashion models, Amelia Gray and Adhel Bol. 

Einer has defined herself as a knitwear guru, expanding her knits into untraditional silhouettes and accessories. Classic knit maxi dresses have been updated with panels of lace-effect florals, asymmetric bodysuits are embellished with three-dimensional crochet flowers, and casual tailoring boasts light and airy textures. The knits undoubtedly Einer’s strong suit, where materialization is played with and emphasized within ultra-feminine forms.

Sensual silhouettes are in full swing, seen in corsetry, ultra-cropped tops, and tight-fit party dresses. Lofty knit bras are worn as tops, paired with loose gauge skirts that make up delightfully sexy sets. These effortlessly sensual looks are embellished by cool-girl-esque strange accessories, designed by New York based artist Vinny Castro. The accessories consist of 3D printed rings and necklaces alongside minibags that are constructed of recycled thermoplastic mixed in with flower petals. Einer finds a sweet spot in combining traditionally sexy garments with quirky textiles, merging the two together without losing the integrity of either.

In her two year hiatus, it is clear that Einer has kept her finger on the pulse of fashion; breathing fresh life into the brand by creating looks that are tailor-made for the modern and eccentric woman.

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