Rocking with Celine Homme: Tame Impala Opens Up about His Style

Tame Impala’s frontman Kevin Parker talks new music, style inspirations, and Celine Homme.

Hedi Slimane pulled off a rocking Celine Homme Summer 2023 show, with a few actual rock stars in attendance, from BTS’s V to Tame Impala (Kevin Parker).

Parker, who has transformed his band from underground psychedelic rockers to bonafide stars, has become somewhat of a fashion icon for his fans. And while Parker is still more likely to be found at a music festival than a fashion show, his presence at the show made a lot of sense: his laid-back, effortlessly cool style fits well within the retro rocker look that Celine is shifting towards.

Tame Impala, who’s developed a cult-like following, is known for taking long breaks between albums. However, Parker is finding his footing as a producer, recently releasing a remix of Elvis Presley’s “Edge of Reality” for the Baz Luhrmann biopic.

Parker chatted with VMAN about the evolution of his sound, his favorite collaborations, and his personal style.

Kevin Parker at the Celine Homme show.

VMAN: How would you describe the evolution of your sound, from InnerSpeaker all the way to The Slow Rush?

Kevin Parker: It’s really the evolution of my life. My sound is just everything I’m inspired by, and over the years I’ve slowly opened my horizons to new and different things. 

VMAN: What does the songwriting and production process look like for you currently?

KP: It’s always changing, but at the moment I’m enjoying working with people other than just myself. 

VMAN: You’ve collaborated on projects with some of music’s biggest names. Do you have a favorite collaboration or one that resonated the most with you?

KP: They’ve all resonated with me in different ways, but I think the Travis Scott sessions were some of the most memorable experiences for me.  

VMAN: What kind of music or artists are you listening to in your free time at the moment?

KP: I was getting ready for a DJ set the other day and was really liking the techno. 

VMAN: What can fans expect as far as new music releases?

KP: Unfortunately, I always like to keep it a surprise. 

Kevin Parker at the Celine Homme show.

VMAN: How would you describe your personal style? What do you gravitate toward? 

KP: As with everything I do, I like it to be inspired and look inspired, but I also like it to seem effortless, even if I did put a lot of effort in. Hopefully, that reflects in the way I dress. I can be pretty self-conscious about the way I look, so feeling myself is important. I was at a photo shoot once and someone asked me what my style was, and I accidentally said “expensive surfy.” I thought it was hilarious, so I’ve gone with that ever since.  

VMAN: How do you think your style coincides with Celine Homme and your look for the show?

KP: A lot of the new Celine stuff has that casual, street style look but in a really fresh and bombastic way. That resonates with me. I always love when there’s an opportunity to wear something way-out and amazing that looks like I just threw it on on my way out the door. 

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