Rodarte Spring 2021 Ready-To-Wear

Introducing a pared-down take on the label’s fanciful, dreamy designs.

Recognizing and bearing in mind the consequences of the novel coronavirus spread, as well as other natural disasters (think California wildfires) around the world, Kate and Laura Mulleavy — the LA-based duo behind fashion brand Rodarte — have appropriately decided to pare their garments down a notch. From the brand’s very inception, Rodarte collections have been treading the line between fashion and art since with ethereal, conceptual dresses, gowns, and suiting filled with tulle explosions, bold fabrics, kaleidoscopic prints, and floral motifs. Don’t get me wrong — the fanciful, dreamy spirit of the Mulleavys was still very much present in this dress-heavy range. It is just the audacious flamboyance that got a little trim, quarantine-style.

This range was proof that the two sisters are more than capable of giving their collections a more practical makeover without compromising on the Rodarte DNA. In this Spring 2021 range, many of the vestures were reminiscent of pajama sets, slips and robes, all dreamish and almost fairytale-like. This loungewear theme was very intentional; in doing this, the designer duo accounted for the fact that relaxed, comfortable silhouettes are looking to be the only kind of toggery people will want to wear for the next few months.

The elegant yet airy range was fittingly topped off will silk floral headwear that framed models’ faces, transforming them into real-life fairies, nymphs, dryads or whatever other mystical goddesses one can imagine. As the Mulleavys indicated in their show notes, this quarantine collection came to be “a reflection of the creative spirit and artistic interaction that we have shared as sisters over the years.” The spirit that culminated in honoring the true value of simple beauty: a realization many of us have come to in the most difficult and devastating times of our century.
Check out some of the key looks from the digitally released collection below:

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