Rodeo Clowns, A Giant Egg and Colorful Yolks in Dua Lipa’s ‘Love Again’ Video

The strange but fun video dropped on June 4.

British pop powerhouse Dua Lipa released the music video for ‘Love Again’, the eighth track on her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia. The song itself deals with the feeling of unexpectedly falling in love again after a rough breakup. 

The video, on the other hand, features the singer sporting a cowboy hat and animal-print bikini riding a sometimes-there mechanical bull in the middle of an empty ballroom. An alternate version of Dua Lipa is seen covered in string lights, riding a lit-up bull.

Image via Love Again music video.

She is later joined by a troupe of dancers, also in cowboy hats, as well as Western-inspired chaps and bootcut jeans, for a bit of suggestive line dancing.

Image via Love Again music video.

The clashing aesthetics make for a visually interesting scene. But it gets weirder still. 

At one point, the singer cracks an egg to reveal a red yolk. She is later seen whisking eggs, in that same bowl, which turn into paint that then covers canvases littering the floor around her mechanical bull. 

Image via Love Again music video.

Oh yeah, and there’s an enormous floating egg in the middle of another abandoned ballroom being lassoed by a group of rodeo clowns (who were previously seen painting each other’s makeup on, supposedly with the egg yolks that turned into paint).

Image via Love Again music video.


Nothing out of the ordinary here.


Also, a horse covered in string lights gallops through the halls of a hotel at one point, though that’s the least strange part of the video.

Image via Love Again music video.

The final scene is a closeup of the singer in rodeo makeup, looking directly into the camera, getting red lipstick on the white shirt of the man she is hugging. Might this mean she feels like a fool for falling in love again so quickly? Maybe?

Image via Love Again music video.

Dua Lipa has been putting in the work lately. The pop star released a new song on Friday, titled “Can They Hear Us”, which will be featured on the soundtrack of Nabil Elderkin’s new film, Gully.

According to the singer, she shot this video in between rehearsals for the BRIT Awards – and learned all the choreography in just 45 minutes. Impressive.

Watch the music video here, and decide for yourself what it all means:

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