Roger Vivier Presents The Secret of the Swan

Roger Vivier invites some of Hollywood’s top stars to explore the new Fall/Winter 2022 collection at the iconic Paris hotel. 

The Hotel Vivier is a place that needs no introduction. Its grand rooms celebrate beauty, femininity, and the arts in elegant ways. As you walk through, each space has a different theme, and focuses on a different perspective of Gherardo Felloni’s, the artistic director for Roger Vivier, appreciation for the arts. Now, the hotel is opening a new edition to the hotel: The Secret of the Swan. 

Precious Lee at Hotel Vivier

The fashion house invited some of Hollywood’s top stars to take part on this new adventure. Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo, Precious Lee, Kate Hudson, Ella Emhoff, and Camille Razat were a few of the celebrities in appearance. As guests enter the iconic hotel, a giant sculpture of a swan greets them upon arrival. It stands as a symbol of desire and purity, two themes that play integral roles in the world of Hotel Vivier. An actress sits atop the swan, and shares the story of the Hotel Vivier. Visitors explore the various rooms, were they’re greeted by the characters of the hotel. From a boudoir Marie-Antoinette with cat-headed footmen to a majestic soprano singer, to statues that come to live, the hotel has a number of unexpected performances and surprises. Eroticism, mystery, and letting your imagination run wild are the foundations of Hotel Vivier. They’re seen in not only the performances, but in the slightly fetishistic corridor of legs, in the confidential club, and in the pieces from the brand itself. 

Shown in the room where craftsmen reveal the precision of their skill at Hotel Vivier, Monsieur Roger Vivier’s eye for the intermingling of senses and gender is on full display. This eye translates into Felloni’s reinvention of the iconic Choc Feathers Pump as part of the Fall/Winter 2022 collection. The feather-lined heels play into the eroticism and fantasticalness of not only the Hotel Vivier, but of Felloni’s take on the fashion house as a whole.


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