Rola in Los Angeles

Rola in Los Angeles

Rola in Los Angeles

We asked international superstars to teach us about the must-see spots in their favorite cities. Wearing PEACEBIRDMEN, vintage Dior and vintage Calvin Klein, Rola showed us her LA.

We asked international superstars to teach us about the must-see spots in their favorite cities. Wearing PEACEBIRDMEN, vintage Dior and vintage Calvin Klein, Rola showed us her LA.

Photography: Elias Tahan


Supermodel Rola was first discovered while walking down the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Since then, her prolific career—which has made her one of the most followed Japanese celebrities on social media—has taken her around the world, ultimately landing Rola in LA. As a foreign transplant to the city, we wanted to get to know Los Angeles through her eyes.

Read our interview below, and stay tuned for the full city guide in V118!

What makes LA unlike any other city in the world? 

It's a combination of the weather, the music and fashion scenes, delicious and healthy food, iconic landscape, and so much creativity balled up into one place. No one thing LA has is unique, but the combination of all of those things? Yeah, LA rocks.

What's the best reason for someone to move to LA? 

To experience beautiful weather year-round, to have your fingers on the pulse of streetwear fashion, to be healthy and take in the's addicting! You should try it!

What are some of your earliest memories of the city? 

It might be a kind of boring answer but...the restaurants. Of course Japan has cool and delicious restaurants, but they're very different in style from LA. LA spaces are more open and there's lots of outside seating and there are so many vegan restaurants! It's something I wish Japan had more of and I had so much fun exploring unique types of cuisines offered in LA.

What are some of your biggest tips for traveling? 

Hydrate and moisturize and hydrate! And it may look a little weird to Western people, but wearing a medical mask has saved my throat from drying out and kept me from getting sick. It's worth it!

When you visit a new city, what are you most interested in exploring? 

Totally the food! Is there any other realistic answer?

How would you describe your style? 

Very eclectic! It's a blend of west coast streetwear, high-end brands, and head-turning statement pieces. I just like to have fun and express myself more than anything!

Can you describe 2018 in a few words? 

Tough, beautiful and inspiring!

What are your hopes for 2019? 

To expand my career and presence in the West, to do more acting, and to keep studying English!

How do you celebrate the New Year? 

It's different every year. In Japan, it's more about family and tradition, but when I'm in the West, I often go to parties and hang out with friends. This year, I went to Switzerland to hang out with some people I already knew and way more people that I didn't know. Networking!

How do you define success for yourself? 

Being able to be who I am and do what I love, always staying true to myself and values while earning a living from it.

Rola wears PEACEBIRDMEN, vintage Dior, and vintage Calvin Klein. 

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