Rounding Up The Game of Thrones Series Finale

Was it a masterpiece or a sick joke? V (and most fans) are divided. Major spoilers ahead!

Last night, Game of Thrones and its 8-year tenure of TV domination came to a close. Some of the most intense and intricate storylines in broadcast programming history got their final moments in the sun and many fans were sad to say goodbye. V watched all 80 minutes of the series finale, and here are our takes on what happened in the last episode of this Westerosi tale.

If you haven’t watched yet, what’s to come is full of spoilers. Turn away while you can and instead, look at some fashion moments from our favorite characters.

Good Game:

Sansa, Queen in the North

The True Winner of Game of Thrones, Sansa and her crown

Seeing a Stark triumph after 7 seasons of abuse and malice feels too good. To make it even better, no Stark was more deserving of a monarchical position than Sansa. Harkening back to earlier seasons when all she wanted was to be Queen, she finally got it, but on her own terms. All hail the Queen in the North!

Jon Snow & Ghost’s Reunion

Our Game of Thrones OTP

Fans felt slighted after the Battle of Winterfell when Jon left Ghost with just a mere glance. Whether we’d ever see Ghost again was uncertain, but our questions were answered last night. At the end of the episode, Jon returns to the Wall and gets to pet his precious direwolf. Warm feelings all around.

Brienne and her Book

There has never been a moment where we haven’t rooted for Brienne. She’s been loyal, honest and valiant throughout her entire time on the show. Her last moments, as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, were another instance of her reliable good nature. Sitting in front of the White Book, she finds Jamie Lannisters rather empty page and proceeds to fill it out with his actions. She did right by the man that did her so dirty. If only we were all a little bit more like Brienne.

Throne Groans:

Bran the Broken

Bran. Oh, Bran. The meme-est of all the characters really became the king of the six kingdoms. Yes, that actually happened. Sure, he’s wise and neutral and has a (questionably) good story. But seriously?

Water Bottle Mishap

Star of Game of Thrones, Water Bottle

Not once, but twice this season! Game of Thrones has made some blunders in the past – it happens. But after the coffee cup fiasco in Episode 4, last night’s water bottle appearance marked the second notable mistake in only six episodes. At the Lords and Ladies roundtable, if you look closely at Sam’s foot, you’ll catch the bottle’s plastic glint. Come on Game of Thrones, it’s not even biodegradable.

A Total Disregard For Character Development

If you watched, you know.

V know lots of fans were disappointed by the contents of the show’s ending, but there are many promising stories of Westeros left to be told! George R.R. Martin will be releasing the final two installments of GoT’s inspiration, the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series. Even more expansion of the fictional world: HBO has as many as five prequel series in the works.

As a sendoff to the world’s most popular show, here are some of our favorite reaction tweets to the finale:

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