RSVP: Paris Hilton On Her 21st Birthday

RSVP: Paris Hilton On Her 21st Birthday

RSVP: Paris Hilton On Her 21st Birthday

The global event spanned six cities and featured the most enduring going-out look of the century.

The global event spanned six cities and featured the most enduring going-out look of the century.

Text: Paris Hilton

Even though I'd been living like a 21-year-old since I was a teenager, I was so excited just to turn 21. I made a huge deal of it and booked parties all around the world, over several months. The first was in Las Vegas at the Bellagio. My friend DJ AM [played]. I would always go [to Vegas] with a fake ID, so this was the first time I went legally. The next was at Studio 54 in New York. I knew my parents used to go there and hang out with Andy Warhol, and just how iconic and legendary that club was. So I was like, I have to do my 21st birthday there. It was amazing; Heatherette made me this insane turquoise dress covered in Swarovski crystals and Le Cirque made me this tower of 21 gorgeous cakes. [Hugh Hefner] was there. Kris Jenner was there as well. Then I went to Paris, France, and did a huge party there, because you know, Paris in Paris. Then I went to Tokyo and did an insane party with thousands of my fans. Then I went home to L.A. and did the final birthday, with all of my actual friends and family. 

For my 21st birthday, I was like, I need to wear the most epic outfits ever. Before I moved to New York I was a huge tomboy. I loved going to my ranch and going fishing. Then in New York I just loved going to parties. It all started when David LaChapelle shot us for Vanity Fair and that came out when we were teenagers and we were around [age] 17. I was wearing a lot of Heatherette, because I'd done all their fashion shows. I became close with them through David LaChapelle...Oh I forgot, I did six birthday parties. One in London. That's where I wore the Swarovski crystal dress by Julien Macdonald that I've seen so many people wear. When I saw it, I was like, oh my God, this dress is everything. 

I was very flattered [when Kendall Jenner] wore the same dress for her 21st, obviously. I was like, "Oh my god, that's literally the same dress I wore for my 21st birthday." She was like, "I know, I loved it so much, I wanted to recreate it." I think every girl should wear that dress on their 21st birthday, it's so epic. [Laughs.] They're selling them all over Instagram now, and literally a hundred different designers now are making the same exact dress. 

It's just amazing to see the world being inspired by that style and that dress. My friends always come over, like, "Can I borrow the dress?" I'm like, no, it's too special to me. I keep that locked up because I don't want anyone to steal it. It's a museum piece, basically. When the Bling Ring broke into my house seven times, they stole 2 million dollars' worth of jewelry, cash, clothing, purses, shoes...anything that was designer. I was saving a lot of those gifts and dresses because they're so rare and one-of-a-kind, and I was going to save them for my daughters one day. So messed up; I hate them.

I got a lof of gifts [for my 21st]. [Laughs.] I got a silver Porsche, which was always my dream car. Fans from all over the world were sending me jewelry, cute teddy bears, and huge bouquets of flowers. My whole house was literally filled with gifts. It was crazy. 

We did the L.A. aprty at LAX, and at my house on Kings Road. I don't want to be a cheeseball and name drop, but basically everyone in L.A. was there. It was definitely a legendary birthday party, but it was more intimate. Back then, there were no big DJs. DJ AM was the first one. The booth was kind of hidden. It wasn't like it is nowadays. 

I DJ now and I'm on a plane 250 days a year. I'm playing huge concerts, huge venues. I'm also launching a virtual reality app. We just went to Berlin and got my whole body scanned and we are building the virtual world right now. You'll be able to DJ, party, shop, hang out. These parties that we're building are going to be so lifelike. People aren't even going to be able to tell the difference between reality and the virtual world.

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Paris Hilton attends her 21st birthday party


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