Ruslan Baginskiy Launches The Second Part of Their ‘TSVIT’ Headwear Collection

“TSVIT is a collaboration between the brand and two talented Ukrainian artists, photographer duo Synchrodogs and stylist Julie Pelipas.”

Last year, Ukrainian headwear brand Ruslan Baginskiy graced the Parisian Hotel de Crillon with the first part of their ‘TSVIT’ Haute Couture project. Today they released the second part of this poetic art project. This time however, the story continues via a digital format. The headwear brand has decided to take their collection to the next level by adapting to the rapid shift in the fashion industry. 


The poetic art project is a collaboration between two Ukrainian artists, photography duo Synchrodogs, and stylist Julie Pelipas. This “cultural experiment” aims to “restore forgotten manufacturing technologies that were once considered archaisms,” and they plan to do so in order to “preserve their artisan heritage.” In the past, the headwear brand has been featured in the wardrobes of stars such as Madonna, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys. 

Everything in this collection is a nod to the antiquated, yet sturdy ways of creating garments. For example, the straw mask reflects “the cultural codes of the 19th and early 20th centuries, when one of the most spectacular decorations for the bride was a wreath made from the remains of the harvest,” while the “gold jewelry, created in collaboration with the Rockah brand shows a deepening into the history of the Scythians, [who are] known for their jewelry craftsmanship.” 

Baginskiy was heavily inspired by the work of the Volyn weaving masters of Khustka-namitka for this collection. 

TSVIT also takes environmental issues into consideration by recycling and upcycling materials in their collections. The traditional Ukrainian mallows on their golden tiara, for example, are created from recycled plastic bottles in protest against hyper – consumption culture.

“While working on our campaign we tried to find a natural environment that would correspond to the brand’s mood [and] would be clean and exquisite at the same time. We feel [that] there is a synergy between Synchrodogs and Ruslan Baginskiy brand in a way that we both are perfectionists and do not like to do something average, so we both worked in the same direction to create [something] visionary, that would be remembered by viewers, and would look really beautiful,” said Tanya Scheglova and Roma Noven in a press release.

You can check out the project on their website


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