Ruslan Baginskiy Unveils Partnership With LuisaViaRoma

The Ukrainian headwear designer launches a collaboration with the Italian retailer

Located in Florence Italy, the RB X LVR collection is designed to be a portal between Italy and Ruslan Baginskiy’s home, exploring the beauty and nature of Ukraine. The collaboration includes a window display, Ruslan Baginskiy packaging and gift kit, and 7 new hat styles designed specifically for this collection.

“This project opens a portal from Ukraine to Italy. It’s made to tell you more about things that inspire me, things that made me the person I am now. Ukrainian culture, traditions, beauty, craftsmanship, and nature are an integral part of me, as well as of the RB X LVR Collection” Ruslan notes.

The shop reflects the national colors of Ukraine, painted in “brave yellow” alongside blue fabric hung to reveal a video made for the collaboration. Headlining in the video, Ukrainian model, Kateryna Zub, walks a path of a green wheat field and enters a yellow portal, transporting her into the Florence-based boutique.

Within the shop are 7 new Ruslan Baginskiy styles presented among Ukrainian home decor. The shop is designed to resemble a rural Ukrainian home, with hand-sculpted stools made of straw and tile cubes to represent a Ukrainian fireplace called ‘p’yetz’. “There is no future without a past. At a time when Ukraine fends for its history, culture, and life itself, we wanted to share a deeper, more personal story of our homeland; introduce something intuitive. Build a portal and dialogue in a language of genuine elements that everyone can understand” Ruslan comments.

The project speaks to the Ukrainian culture and beauty that is now under direct threat as Ruslan emphasizes how this war has affected his team. “This war concerns every one of us. Every single person who has worked on this special project. Every step of the way we were reminded of the war, of the situation our country is in. “It was important for me to hire a Ukrainian team. Models, producers, crafts-people. To make this story 100% about Ukraine in an authentic way.” Ruslan Baginskiy.

The RB X LVR collection is available 01.07 – 14.07 at the Florence LuisaViaRoma store
– Via Roma, 19/21/r, 50123 Firenze and online at LUISAVIAROMA.


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