Sacai’s Autumn/Winter 2022 Collection Traverses The Art of Silhouettes

Sacai’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection by Chitose Abe recommences her journey with silhouettes and their many compositions.

Sacai’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection combines the luxury fashion house’s ethos of love, fidelity, and friendship, and highlights these brand morals throughout. Creative Director Chitose Abe who founded Sacai in 1999 further pursues exploring silhouettes and their essence via amplification and the latter to create a contemporary one as part of this collection’s debut. This distinction translates to its gently padded hip areas, lingerie designs, their accompanying embroideries as Sacai classics, and silk chiffon. These conceptualizations derive from Abe’s centering on the bust and hips to redefine these elements to redefine and fuse orthodox masculine and feminine clothing styles.

This transformative tailoring style roots in Chitose Abe’s ethos. The collection specifically comprises a metamorphosed satin tracksuit joined with a bra, reflecting cut pants to create an unconfined skirt look, and those reimagined retrospective to outwear pieces like fisherman sweaters and aviator jackets. Its bustier-like additions produce a three dimensional effect located amongst the collection’s trench and down jackets. The collection’s accessories as part of Trinity For Chitose Abe exploratory encounter includes white, yellow, and rose gold rings, a bracelet, choker, earrings, and a necklace piece.

Their conceptualizations which first started in Japan in June 2019. Cartier’s President and CEO Cyrille Vigneron and Chitose Abe who have been close for several years, began this journey in assiduity for the Trinity collection. Cartier designers and Chitose Abe re-imagined the Trinity ring’s essence that exudes simplicity and mobility. Its transformation specifically surrounds its structure and distortion. The accessories’ separation on the skin between one other as part of each style and contemporary functionality signifies the rigidity between fidelity and betrayal. The collection seizes these juxtapositions and suspends them like they are moving. Their inclusion within attributes to this season’s overall keynote of reconstruction and reconnaissance.

Explore looks from Sacai’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection below.

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