Sacrosanct Information Unveiled Amidst Jaden Smith’s MSFTSrep’s FW22 Collection

By unpacking and theorizing on all things philosophical, Smith grants us access to the information necessary to raise the consciousness of humanity.

Positioned as a nod to rebellion against the present state of the world, the multifaceted fashion designer, actor, musician, entrepreneur, and activist Jaden Smith presents MSFTSrep’s latest Fall Winter 2022 collection. Walking the line between unexpected juxtapositions, youth, experience, free will, and fate, Smith’s Mystery School collection emphasizes the intention to educate the masses and disrupt the status quo, celebrating a bold projection of rebellion in the face of unknown forces. “This collection is an initiation into the sacred mysteries that have been hidden from the mass for far too long,” explains Smith to VMAN exclusively. “It’s a rejection of the current educational system of the world, mystery school is a place where students work with their teachers to make the world a better place together. these clothes are for those students.”

Imagery Courtesy of MSFTSrep

Evoked from the knowledge of the original Mystery Schools created in ancient Egypt, the collection aims to be unveiled as a movement of information and evolving consciousness. Smith composes all the positive, insightful information necessary to illuminate the world in efforts to promote unity on the earth and enlighten people on information that has been hidden from us (on purpose) throughout the ages.

Imagery Courtesy of MSFTSrep

All with a collective goal to raise the consciousness of humanity through art and science, alongside Jaden are MSFTSrep co-founders Moises Arias, ¿Téo? and Willow Smith. By unpacking and theorizing on all topics from philosophical world theories to their creative processes, photography studies, and even pulling information from various history and science textbooks. The lasting influence of their unique process unveils an educated approach to designing, both literally and figuratively, presenting a collection that is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Imagery Courtesy of MSFTSrep

Weaved throughout the collection with thoughtful intention is an emphasis on tailoring, unisex fashion, puffer jackets, pants, denim, skirts, bags, all-over prints, and more — all to evolve the consciousness of humanity. MSFTSrep’s Mystery School collection will be available August 19th in Selfridges, Holt Renfrew, Saks, Vitkak, Factory, Mr. Porter, The Webster, and more.

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